Wordless Wednesday: On the water in Colonial Beach


On the water

Under the pier

Pier and plant

Exploring Colonial Beach, Va., on a recent sunny Saturday.
Spring is nearly here! Time to shed those coats and splash in the river.

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: On the water in Colonial Beach

  1. Ahhh…these pictures are gorgeous and just what I need. My favorite is the first one of the gull. I am in complete denial that today it’s 65 degrees and tomorrow it’s 29. These pictures have me longing for an “official” spring.


    • We live just across the bridge in Maryland and were looking for a new place to explore. A friend is from King George and had talked about Colonial Beach before — and my parents visited years back. It sounded like a nice place to spend an afternoon (and it was!). Looking forward to going back in the summer!


      • I grew up in Tappahannock, just across the river from that area. If you really want to enjoy a summer-time event for the area, try Rivahfest. It’s held in June in Tappahannock. Tons of artists, food vendors, multiple stages for music. It has grown to a point that it doesn’t feel like the small Northern Neck anymore. My family is all still in the area, so if you ever need recommendations on places to go, food, great antiquing or consignment shopping, let me know. It was nice to see a glimpse of home when I opened up my feed. Thank you :).


  2. I grew up by the sea and even though it looked a tad different, seeing all the blue water and the seagulls reminds me of home. Great pictures Meg!


  3. My aunt and uncle live in Colonial Beach (across the street from author Sherryl Woods) and it’s such a sweet area. I used to be able to visit when I was in DC. Great pics 🙂


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