Pumpkin spice groupies

starbucks_sleeveFew things in life send me shouting and trembling with excitement — and most of them are hypothetical. (Like, say, hypothetically I would get an e-mail from an agent telling me yes, he/she’d like to represent me and already knows just the publisher for my absolutely incredible novel.)

But the ones grounded in absolute reality? Of course, nothing compares to going to a concert — and seeing a favorite band live for the first time. That magical feeling can easily sustain me for days, if not weeks, at a time! The first time I saw John Mayer? Heaven. Total heaven. And The Killers concert from Monday night? I’m still babbling incoherently about it.

But the other crazy, ridiculously exciting stuff? Usually it has something to do with food. And no, I know you wish I were joking . . . but I wouldn’t kid about something like this.

Considering I spend all day on a computer, you’d think I would be a little more up with the times on matters of vital importance . . . like Starbucks’ annual unveiling of the pumpkin spice latte. I mean, seriously! I lust after this drink all year and then I have no clue when it’s finally available in expensive coffeeshops across the U.S.? Am I insane?

And this where I chant, yet again, thank God for Twitter! Without it, I’m not sure I would know if nuclear war broke out, leveling half the world. Trending topics tell me all I need to know! So imagine my excitement when I saw a little Tweet from author Robin Benway . . . which prompted this response from yours truly:


I immediately texted my sister with the great news as I jumped up from my desk, grabbing my keys and hastily waving goodbye to my coworkers. My hometown is littered with Starbucks cafes in grocery stores like Safeway, but I wanted the real deal. My Corolla and I sped over and, only fifteen minutes after discovering my beloved drink was back, I was holding one in my hot little hands.

And oh, it was heaven.

When Katie got home from college later in the day, I regaled her with the tale of my dedication to getting the pumpkin spice as soon as possible. I’d chosen the latte — the hot version — which allowed me to savor it over the course of, oh, an hour or so. Because everyone knows the drink experience will be severely tainted by a burnt tongue.

me_pumpkin_frapMy sister wasn’t content with just hearing about the pumpkin spice, though. Did I seriously think I was going to have the edge over her? We piled into her car after dinner and drove to a nearby Target where, yes, they had the pumpkin spice. And like I was going to miss an opportunity to get another drink? Though this time I went with the cold variety — the frappuccino. Grande, if you’re interested.

And that’s me at right, drinking it. And wearing my Killers concert T-shirt from Monday night. Two of my favorite things, combined! A good night. (Yes, Kate took this photo; we are those pumpkin spice groupies.)

So what’s the moral of the story? Rely on Twitter for news of your favorite beverages making their annual appearance . . . and, after drinking that grande frap, don’t drink two giant pumpkin drinks in one day. Seriously, bad idea.

Still — was it worth it? Heck yes. And all this pumpkin chatter has me hankering once more . . . I wonder when Dairy Queen’s pumpkin pie blizzard will be back? Maybe someone is Tweeting . . .

18 thoughts on “Pumpkin spice groupies

  1. LOL Too funny! I found out about the PS Latte on Twitter too. And I made a deal with one of our photographers at work that I would do some editing for the show if he would make a Starbucks run 🙂 Bribery at it’s best. I got a medium hot one, but I think the next time I’ll have to go with a small. While I loved it, I had a hard time drinking all of the medium. And I didn’t know there was a cold one. Which one did you like better? Hot or cold?


    • Yay for Starbucks runs and bribery! 🙂 I usually prefer hot drinks. The cold frap is more like a pumpkin milkshake… just with a shot of coffee in there. They’re both delicious, but I’m partial to the hot latte!


  2. Hey, I can totally relate. That’s my favorite flavah. 😉
    All the Starbucks within a ten mile radius are probably annoyed with how often i ask the question “So, do you have PS yet?”


  3. I just love this post. I only wish I could appreciate the pumpkin spice loving. Over here in England, we are not so big on the pumpkins, though this year I intend to make my first pumpkin pie.


  4. A local 24-hour breakfast place where I live also has pumpkin pancakes in the fall…thanks for the reminder to go check & see if they have them yet!

    And pumpkin spice cake donuts from Krispy Kreme! Mmm!


  5. Being from Seattle I know that Starbucks has the coolest things for the all the Seasons! Fall was always a big time to get people in the coffee mood. (Note to self: Megan + pumpkin spice latte = good times) The pumpkin spice bread is heavenly too!!


  6. Seriously, you have me jonesing for one now!! Thanks a lot because the closest Starbucks is 12 miles and it’s too late to get into my car and drive to one. But tomorrow is another day!!! 🙂


  7. Okay, I seriously need to TRY this drink. I went there tonight but was too scared to try it, but next time I def. will. Is the frapp better or the latte?

    PS- I’m reading Sloppy Firsts right now and can’t get into it 😦


  8. I actually found a recipe online and I’m going to try it soon. It probably won’t be the same as the real thing, but I’m very curious to find out what about this drink has everyone so excited 😛

    And how cool that you got to see The Killers!!


  9. Yummy. I love pumpkin … well, almost everything! Pumpkin spice lattes are no exceptions. I remember seeing you tweeting about your excitement over this. Now, whenever I see a sign for pumpkin spice, I can’t help but think about you. I hope you enjoy your favorite fall treat many times more.


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