Confessions of (this) shopaholic

Shopping in London during a particularly weak moment in 2007. Hey, I was in Harrods! HARRODS! Even the terrible conversion rate couldn't stop me!

Shopping in London during a particularly weak moment in 2007. Hey, I was in Harrods! HARRODS! Even the terrible conversion rate couldn't stop me!

A funny thing happens when I see a gorgeous piece of homemade craftery on Etsy — or anywhere, really. My palms go slick, forcing me to clench my hands into fists. As my eyes feast on the beauty, my throat constricts. I become suddenly aware of my throbbing heartbeat, pulsing rhythmically in my chest — and saying, “Don’t do it. Not again. Don’t do it.”

See, friends, I’m what one might call a shopaholic. But before you get too worried about me, let me preface this whole post by saying that I absolutely never buy what I know I can’t afford! I just . . . enjoy a little treat or two. Every now and then. Once a day. Maybe.

No, no — I haven’t quite gotten up to feeding my shopping addiction daily! Just, you know, occasionally. And when the urge to shop and buy something overwhelms me, I’m totally powerless against it. That adorable pair of blue earrings that will perfectly complement my new top in just the same shade? Mine. The new book everyone in the blogosphere is raving about? Check — I’m off to Book Depository as we type. New black heels to replace mine of the scuffed-up variety? Sure. That pumpkin spice latte for my afternoon pick-me-up? You got it!

I could go on, but you get the idea. And I’ll say that since I’ve embarked on a new path of Singledom, relishing in the joy that is being unattached and free, I reward myself even more often for my independence of spirit with stuff! Because those movie tickets, lunches and presents I was buying and sharing with boyfriends? No longer needed. It’s The Megan Show once more — all Meg, all the time! For the moment, anyway.

Why am I telling you all this? I’m determined to start doing better. I realize the difficulty of the task that lay ahead, what with the holidays coming and all, but I really need to start finding a way to fight the terrible beast that is the compulsive urge to shop. Because that glorious high I get from purchasing my “cart” on Amazon turns into a terrible low as I scan my credit card statements and think, I should really be saving more money. For a house payment, or a new car, or my future kids’ college educations. Or an awesome vacation next year. You know, something.

So I’m declaring it loud and I’m declaring it proud — I don’t need stuff to fill up my life and make me a happy, contented person! All I really need is a steady income, an Internet connection, my family and friends and my golden retriever Rudy to sit at my feet in the evenings.

And some colorful yarn with which to crochet.

And my iPod touch, that awesome device that keeps the breadth of mankind’s knowledge at my fingertips.

And James McAvoy, Brandon Flowers and Rob Pattinson to give me my daily quota of delicious eye candy.

And a new pair of jeans, a dressy top, and maybe that awesome London necklace on Etsy . . .

10 thoughts on “Confessions of (this) shopaholic

  1. I have to agree with you. It’s okay to buy yourself treats every once in a while. A girl’s gotta have fun, right?
    Especially books and coffee and etsy stuff-you’re supporting literacy, the art of fine coffee-making, and artistic expression! Where else could you spend your money and be such a patron of the arts for so little?


  2. oy.
    i’m going through a bit of this myself. it’s hard to resist when everything is just so cute and appears to be made JUST FOR YOU. right?? and coffee is a necessity. a necessity.

    besides, it could be worse.

    i mean, it’s not like you’re spending all your money on drugs or something equally bad (unless you are. but whatever. i shouldn’t judge! haha).

    i don’t know if i’m trying to convince you or myself anymore. oh well!



  3. This is basically the story of my life. I found myself spending way more than I intended and would look in horror at my credit card bill whenever it arrived. Saving is powerful, but it’s incredibly difficult. Especially when there are so many awesome things to buy. Still, I believe that with a little discipline you can cut down your spending. Just remember, this doesn’t mean you have to cut off your spending.


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