Blending art and science

It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that Spencer and I will be throwing a literature-and-science-inspired wedding. The idea struck me like lightning! Or, like, I don’t know . . . a jolt from a Tesla coil.

I am a writer. My fiancé is a scientist. We want a day that will marry (haha, marry — puns!) our different interests and backgrounds — and having a day inspired by those two passions just feels right.

To be honest, I like that we’re such different people. The whole arts/physics thing really balances us out. While I can be zany and introspective, Spencer is rational and steadfast. His math- and logic-oriented brain sees quandaries in a completely different way than I do, and I like that I can depend on him to offer a fresh perspective.

And he’s creative, too.

Writing out table numbersAs we probe deeper into our theme and start buying materials for the reception, I’ve been thinking about how I want our literature-and-physics idea to play out. If you hang out on my overstuffed Pinterest wedding board occasionally, you’ll probably see a bevy of book centerpieces — and for good reason. We’ve already chosen to use a stack of books for the main focal point on each table, and we’re planning to use Erlenmeyer flasks as the vases for our petite floral arrangements. Tables will be named for famous writers or scientists — and I’ve started drafting my favorite authors list (pictured above!). There’s so much more to do, but this is really the fun stuff.

My friend and officemate Sandy is a godsend. With her creative eye, generosity and talent, we’re coming up with an entire scheme that will blend our two backgrounds into one beautiful day — and she’s helping with all the flowers. I’ve decided I’m obsessed with the ranunculus, a peony-like flower, and just have to figure out where to obtain such a weird-sounding bud. The red ones are my favorites.

I totally need more ranunculus in my life. A ridiculous amount of ranunculus!