Commemorative coins already on the horizon

It’s always amazing how quickly merchandise on incredibly topical, breaking-news events will turn up. Think about the Super Bowl and all of the players who suddenly appear on the field wearing “CHAMPIONS!” jerseys and hats! It plays into our whole notion of being right on top of things — and making money at every given opportunity. Just as Michael Phelps clinched his eighth gold medal in the Summer Olympics this year, you know people were scurrying all over the world to cash in with merchandise commemorating the occasion — magazines, hats, clothes, books.


Last night’s presidential win for Barack Obama was no different, of course. And I don’t think it’s wrong to offer commemorative merchandise — it’s a free country (thank God!). It just astounds me how quickly it all appears! And what happens to the “McCain coin” you know is floating around out there somewhere? They have to be ready for anything. Just like the papers heralding a different election result or game champ, there’s gotta be a McCain coin we could snatch up.

Now that would be a collector’s item!

The Obama commemorative coin is available on QVC!

UPDATE 11/06: The President Obama coin is now available on waitlist only at QVC. You can pre-order the item to be shipped the week of Dec. 26!