Where In The World Weds.: Back in D.C.

It’s Where In The World Wednesday — and I’m in my own backyard! Well, not literally, but sometimes it does feel that way. Let’s journey to Washington, D.C., where I recently spent the day wandering around town with friends and stopping at lots of cool sites!

Obviously growing up just outside the city, I’ve spent plenty of time in the District — but it’s only as an adult that I can appreciate all sorts of things I never did before. Whether it’s hanging out at the National Book Festival, seeing a concert or checking out my beloved cherry blossoms, there’s always something happening downtown.

In late February, I went with my California girls to see the Smithsonian, the U.S. Botanic Garden and hung out in Chinatown. The usual antics and debauchery ensued.

Above all else, I loved the time we spent wandering in front of the Capitol! We talked to tourists from around the world and took photos for families, couples and businessmen — then had them take pictures of us, too. The day was gorgeous — one of those very late winter days where the sun is out, hinting at the spring that’s to come. Now that the weather is officially nice here in Maryland, I can look back and laugh at my winter coat in these photos. HA! Until next year!