Five thoughts on a Friday

Though we cannot change the wind

1. I just found this Photoshop foiling tutorial and it has rocked. my. world. I’m a total typography/graphic design geek and wanted to start expanding my skills this year, and finding an easy-to-understand way to make my own cool art is fab. I made the graphic above with one of my favorite quotes in, oh, five minutes. Obsessed with all the gorgeous possibilities. New, cheap home decor — coming to a Johnson home near you!

2. So, it’s early March. Shall I pause to be accountable for some of my simplifying goals in 2014? I’ve been incredibly good about using up what I have (tea, lip products) instead of mindlessly shelling out cash for more at Target, and guess what? I’m still not out of all that stuff. Not even close. What I’m not doing so well on? Dealing with the clothes piles I accumulate rather than just hanging everything up promptly. Our bedroom is still Pile City, detour through Laundry Alley. It’s a work in progress.

3. The National Park Service announced April 8-12 as the expected peak date for Washington’s cherry blossoms this year, and we’re planning accordingly. The walking photo tours I host with my dad kick off in just a few weeks, and I am pumped. Treating myself to new sneakers so my feet are ready for our jaunts around D.C.!

4. I’m on a graham cracker kick. All the graham crackers, all the time. The low-fat ones are okay, but I’ve been saving my Weight Watchers Points for the real stuff. It’s all about deciding what’s worth it to you, right?

5. How in love am I with these ideas for home libraries? It’s all a part of that Belle/Beast book fantasy from childhood. This one is my favorite. My dreams are spun of window seats, cotton candy and novels for days.

Happy weekend, friends!

Linking up late with Five on Friday today because it’s been a long week
— and my brain is soft and sleepy. I was fairly convinced today was actually Saturday and . . . yeah.