State of the wedding, vol. 3

Outtake from our makeup trial “photo shoot.” I actually do like the makeup!

Well, friends, we’re a little over two weeks out. Sixteen days, to be precise.

Sixteen. Days.

I’ve stopped looking at my checklist on The Knot; it scares me. I’ve made my own “to-do” list in Google Docs, otherwise known as my Bible, and refer to that on a daily — er, hourly — basis.

I feel like I should be panicking or something . . . but I’m not. I’ve crossed from anxiety around the three-month mark to the wedding zen so many promise. I’m sure I’ll have a freak-out or two in the next week or so, just trying to make sure everything gets organized, but I’m pretty positive it will pass.

Honestly, in many ways, I was more anxious about moving out of my parents’ house than I ever have been about getting married. I take that is a good sign: the prospect of life with Spencer is decidedly not terrifying (always a good thing to realize two weeks from your wedding), and we’re settling into our new lives as a couple who also share a residence.

I feel like a real-deal, seriously serious grown-up. And that’s fun, too.

My bachelorette party is this weekend (woo!). My sister and friends are showing up at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow to whisk me off to an unknown locale, something I am ridiculously excited about, and the idea of spending two days with them just doing whatever has been the bright light at the end of a busy week.

It’s funny to read my post from July — back when I was really nervous about corralling a large group of people. Of 227 invited guests, our guest list has been pared down to roughly 150 — something that surprises me, honestly, but is understandable. We’re getting married on a holiday weekend, which is helpful for some and not for others; it’s November, so kids are in school; finances could be a concern, weather is a factor. I’m just thankful so much of our extended family is making the trip and really can’t wait to see everyone!

And speaking of “everyone,” they’ll start arriving in a week and a half. Which means we really need to get our place in tip-top shape. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit we still have a few bridal shower gifts boxed in the living room . . . just from lack of space. After I took over several of the bookcases with my massive library, we’ve had to get creative with storing and moving items around. It’s been . . . interesting! Heh. But we’re working on it. A work in progress, indeed.

So what’s left to do? Well . . .

• Finalize the seating chart.
• Create all escort cards for said seating chart.
• Finish the table frames for our writer/scientist theme.
• Box up all decor and get that ready to take to the venue.
• Stuff welcome bags (when Spencer’s family arrives).
• Finish paying everyone. I hear $$$$ is a good thing.

There’s more, of course . . . but I won’t bore you with the tedious ramblings of an OCD bride! And they’re little things.

I’ve had my hair and makeup trials (pictured at top), my dress is taken in and ready, jewelry has been selected or borrowed. Our menu is done, headcount almost final, signature cocktails chosen (that was one delicious taste test). Everyone knows where to be and when — partially thanks to my always-updated timeline. I need to send that to all the vendors, actually . . .

I’ve also started weaning myself from wedding websites and bridal newsletters in general. While I definitely have favorites, spending too much time looking at others’ celebrations is starting to make me feel anxious. With so little time left, I don’t have the inclination, energy or funds to design quirky new decor, order funky colored straws or any of the other “Pinterest-able” elements I’ve loved looking at for so long. We’ve planned, and the plan is in place. Basically: it is what it is. What’s done is done.

But what’s done? Well, it will be awesome. For the most part I do feel good, calm. I’m getting thank-you notes out quickly and am sort of slipping into that introverted time of reflection, you know? It’s been so BUSY BUSY BUSY DOING ALL THE THINGS that I haven’t really allowed myself to consider the fact that I’m getting married, especially when so much energy was poured into my sister’s big day in September.

But now it’s our turn. We’re really doing this!

Sixteen days.

I can’t wait.

State of the wedding, vol. 2


We’re into double-digit days now, friends. In 93 days, I’ll be floating (and hopefully not tripping?) down the aisle to meet Spencer on the other side.

As far as wedding-related progress goes, I have to admit to feeling pret-ty good. Everyone I chat with about the wedding (which, let’s face it, is just about everybody because my brain is full of wedding things) is impressed with what we’ve accomplished with three months to go, though I know better than to get too cocky now. So many projects are last-minute by pure necessity: seating charts, flowers, escort cards. There will be much to do, y’all. Much.

But I’m just feeling really excited about it all. The nerves I expected to feel — especially about throwing a 200-person party — just . . . aren’t there. My OCD-like tendencies, particularly when it comes to spreadsheets and all things Google Drive, have really served me well. I don’t feel overwhelmed because I keep fastidious lists, and Spence and I have basically treated the planning process like a part-time job. Except minus, you know, any form of salary.

We’re offering the payment, that’s for sure.

It’s not all envelopes and arrangements, though. More than anything, I’ve just really enjoyed talking about the future with my soon-to-be husband — and tackling countless projects together. I don’t feel like our dinnertime conversations veer to wedding-planning all that much, actually . . . and I don’t say that in a braggy “look at us, so calm and collected!” way; it’s more in astonishment, I guess. I feel like we’re taking care of things gradually and they’re getting done gradually, so there’s no panic and chaos.

The panic and chaos might come. But maybe not.

So what’s the state of the wedding? Well, tomorrow I’ll attend a joint bridal shower with my sister — and I am ridiculously excited! My future mother-in-law flew in last night, and so many of our friends and family members will be getting together tomorrow for food and fun. I chose my dress weeks ago and can’t wait to see everyone. We’ve been talking about it so long, I actually can’t believe it’s here. My awesome aunts are throwing the shindig and invitations went out in June — where did the time go? The summer has flown.

Today, Spencer and I will be taking his mom out on the town to tackle all kinds of projects — including mailing our invitations! We finished them with the help of my mom and sister last week, and I’ve had them boxed and patiently waiting to be mailed. We’re driving down to lovely Loveville, Md., today because they have a special cancellation stamp if invitations are sent from their post office! And you know how I am with mail. That special stamp must be procured.

My first wedding dress fitting is Sunday. Since shedding 30 lbs., my dress is now four sizes too big. I’m a little nervous about how it will go, but I’m sure the talented ladies will make it fit even better than before. Now that I have the right red shoes, I can try it on with the proper footwear. Yay!

We’re also meeting with our awesome wedding coordinator/friend today to go over venue-related details like linens, day-of schedules and more. Spencer’s mom hasn’t seen our venue yet, being out-of-town, so I’m so excited for her to check it out! Plus, she’ll get a better visual of how everything will look — and go.

It’s a four-day weekend for me, y’all, and I’m so pumped. Let the fun begin!