(Wo)man in the mirror


Oh, the selfie.

Since everyone and their 9-year-old niece seems to be sharing them, the humble selfie has practically risen to its own art form. Everyone has that friend posting personal photos with familiar captions every other day:

Hangin’ with friends selfie!

Tired mommy selfie!

OMG no makeup selfie!

I have been known to post a few self-portraits myself (and am certainly not poking fun at those who do), though it’s not usually my bag.

But taking pictures in mirrors? A slightly elevated form of the selfie? I can totally get behind that.

The photo above was snapped in October 2010, just weeks after I bought my first big-girl DSLR camera. My Canon Rebel has been my near-constant companion ever since, and anything and everything suddenly became a photo opportunity. (Seriously: anything.)

It was fall. The leaves were just starting to turn golden. I’d met Spencer six months earlier, and he was over at the house building my mom a closet. Like, from scratch. During this home renovation process, an old mirror from my parents’ bedroom was taken outside and out of harm’s way — and that’s how I came to capture myself reflected in the backyard.

To date, it’s one of my favorite self-portraits — or just personal snapshots in general. It’s certainly not a technically perfect photo, but I look happy and calm (and felt that way, too). My makeup and hair aren’t perfect, I’m wearing a T-shirt — but who cares? I’d just upgraded to a new camera and felt the tendrils of a new obsession opening, I’d fallen in love, my favorite season was just starting . . .

I already look back on that fall with nostalgia and pleasure. It felt like so much was beginning.

And it was.

Changing leaves

Spencer cutting



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