October weekend

Farm fun

An October weekend is sunny cornfields, mountains of laundry, a crisp morning with the first wisps of visible breath.

Apple-cider donuts. Driving with the windows down. Trying on our costumes weeks in advance, and “practicing” our trick-or-treating.

Dodging the candy aisle in Target. Begrudgingly tucking arms into jackets, all shed by lunchtime. Crunching through a yard full of leaves.

Packing away the shorts and tees, then shopping to cover the kids’ ever-longer limbs. Replacing their whole wardrobe as they grow taller. Listening hard as they grow funnier, and wiser.

Chili on the stovetop, cornbread in the oven. Pies and whipped cream with an extra “shot” right from the can. Watching “Boss Baby” while I wash bedding. Fielding requests for “Peppa Pig” as we dim the lights for bedtime, now earlier and earlier.

It’s the four of us settling down on a Sunday night, with the house smelling of Lysol and (most of) the toys all tucked away.

It’s another donut for good measure. Monday’s on its way.

Ollie apple donut

First frost-scraping morning of the season

I had a bitter surprise when I ambled my way downstairs to leave for work this morning — a car encased in frost! This time last week, I was stomping around in flip-flops and a short-sleeved top, flipping a pair of sunglasses over my eyes. And now it’s in the 40s, with fall officially here — I wore a coat to the office today. A coat! I’m notoriously jacket-less most of the time.

So I went out there in my little red number and dug around in my trunk for something to get the ice off my windshield while my dad wrote “scrape me” on the back window (yes, Dad, I am blogging about it!). I still made it to work reasonably on time, but I’m going to have to start allowing a few extra minutes in the morning, I guess. It’s strange when the cold suddenly snaps around here — and it does snap. Warm — then cold. Nothing in between. That’s Maryland weather.

As John Mayer reminds me:
“When autumn comes, it doesn’t ask.
It just walks in where it left you last . . .”

And, as an aside, this is my 100th post! I know I’m pretty prolific, but I was shocked to see that pop up on my stats today. Go write meg!

Reading quickly and more fall photos

It’s a little hard to feel all “fall-ish” when it’s 80 degrees in Maryland, but I’m working on it! The decorations are out, I’m frantically trying to snap fall photos while driving on the back road from work (a very dangerous and not commendable approach, by the way) and grabbing small bags of Halloween candy while I’m out. Though Palmer won’t let me buy more ghost Peeps, I’m planning on sneaking them into my desk for safekeeping!

I want to wrap up Apart From the Crowd by Anna McPartlin tonight . . . I get really antsy when reading a really long book! I’m just eager to find out what happens and move onto the next novel. I love working my way quickly through tons of books — it gives me a serious sense of accomplishment! That’s my goal for tonight.

And to take more photos!

Just beginning to turn

Getting ready to start another busy week! We wandered out to take a few “early” fall shots today — including a few of my dog, though it was already getting dark. The leaves are really turning on the back road by my house, but most everything in the yard is still lush and green. I’ll give it a few more weeks — then we’ll all be forced into the backyard to rake, rake, rake.

Lake in St. Charles

Lake in St. Charles

The Rudy Bear

The Rudy Bear

Just beginning to turn

Just beginning to turn