Giveaway celebrating Debbie Macomber’s ‘Cedar Cove’

Sometimes you need a feel-good watch.

Like a feel-good story, certain movies and TV shows evoke that warm, cuddly, snug-under-a-blanket feeling that can’t be replicated elsewhere. You know the one. And while I enjoy witty repartee and medical dramas as much as the next person, sometimes a show like “Cedar Cove” is just what the tender-hearted ordered.

Cedar Cove

Based on Debbie Macomber’s popular book series, Hallmark Channel’s original television series “Cedar Cove” debuted Saturday. Andie MacDowell plays Judge Olivia Lockhart, whose Cedar Cove Municipal Court is the professional milieu and social microcosm of issues the judge will face in her own day-to-day life with family and friends. Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal), the editor of the Cedar Cove Chronicle, is a new friend and potential love interest for Judge Lockhart.

I watched the almost-two-hour opener with my mom and sister Saturday and got engrossed. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, I was really impressed with the acting and multiple plots drawing us into the story. It’s obvious that Olivia’s artist daughter is dating a jerk and should totally be with her first love, but I like that the answers don’t seem to come easy. And working for a newspaper, of course, I liked the journalistic element.

After just one episode, I already feel attached to the characters and invested in Olivia’s fate. Cedar Cove evokes the warm feeling I got when visiting Stars Hollow through “Gilmore Girls,” and I love when a show’s setting becomes a character in itself. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment! And it’s nice to have a summer show to watch with the girls — especially when it’s mostly lighthearted while still having heart. (And it’s totally not cheesy.)

If you’re intrigued, too, perhaps some prizes will entice you? Courtesy of the Hallmark Channel, one lucky winner will receive . . .


• $15 Amazon Gift Card to start the Cedar Cove book series
• Recyclable shopping tote
• Debbie Macomber’s 16 Lighthouse Road Book
• Micro-Fleece winter beanie

Giveaway is open to U.S. entrants only through 12 p.m. EST on Friday, July 26. One entry per person. One winner will be randomly selected and emailed by Meg for their mailing address.

To enter, please fill out this form!

Feel free to leave a comment below, but your form submission is the only way to enter the contest.

Watch “Cedar Cove” on Saturday nights at 8p/7c on the Hallmark Channel, and check out the show’s trailer below!

Giveaway: Fun with ‘Admission’

If you’ll allow me a moment to explore a girl crush, I’d like to bring Tina Fey to the front of the room.

With her trademark self-deprecating wit, humor and guile, Tina is my hero. I listened to Bossypants, her memoir, on audio last year, and it was just as quirky and hilarious as I expected. As a “30 Rock” devotee for a number of years, I was thrilled that the iconic Liz Lemon found happiness by the series’ end . . . but I’ve mourned the end of the show as though I’ve lost a friend. Because it totally feels like I have.

AdmissionBut Tina continues to take over the world. Her new movie “Admission,” co-starring Paul Rudd, is “about the surprising detours we encounter on the road to happiness.”

“Straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan (Fey) is caught off-guard when she makes a recruiting visit to an alternative high school overseen by her former college classmate, the free-wheeling John Pressman (Rudd). Pressman has surmised that Jeremiah (Nat Wolff), his gifted yet very unconventional student, might well be the son that Portia secretly gave up for adoption many years ago.

“Soon, Portia finds herself bending the rules for Jeremiah, putting at risk the life she thought she always wanted — but in the process finding her way to a surprising and exhilarating life and romance she never dreamed of having.”

Sound like fun? I think so, too. And courtesy of Focus Features, I have a giveaway prize pack to get you extra pumped about the movie, which hits theaters March 22! One lucky winner will receive . . .

Admission prize pack

Admission (movie tie-in book)
Bossypants by Tina Fey
• Folder, notepad, pen, drawstring bag and toothbrush

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only through 12 p.m. on Friday, March 15, when a winner will be randomly selected from submissions received and emailed for their mailing address by Meg.

Want more “Admission”? Visit the official website, like the film on Facebook — and check out the trailer below. Good luck!

EDIT on 3/15: Congrats to Karen, our randomly-chosen winner! I’ve emailed you.

Your turn to listen: Audiobook giveaway of ‘Cinder’

Where do all the little audiobooks go after they’ve been given a good listen?

Well, how about to you?

Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, a futuristic cyborg retelling of “Cinderella,” has been all over the book world lately — and I have one gently listened to copy of the unabridged audio CD. Though not completely my cup of tea, the story has been embraced by many other readers — and perhaps it’s time you see for yourself! I originally won my copy from Capricious Reader and am happy to share the book love.

Giveaway runs until Wednesday, April 11 at 12 p.m. (noon) EST, at which point I will randomly select one winner and email them for their mailing address. One additional entry per person will be granted for sharing the contest via the social media of your choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Please leave a link on the form.

As the prize will be coming from yours truly, I’m afraid I must limit entries to those from the U.S. and Canada (sorry, international friends!).

EDIT on April 11: Congrats to Kristi, winner of Cinder! And thanks to all who entered.

Audio book giveaway: Amy Kathleen Ryan’s GLOW

As I’ve recently taken a shine to audio books and recently finished my first one, I have an exciting giveaway to announce — and for a book I really enjoyed!

Amy Kathleen Ryan’s Glow is a quick, thought-provoking dystopian novel centering around the lives of Waverly and Kieran, two teenagers born aboard a vessel bound for New Earth. Though their peaceful existence hasn’t been without some turbulence, nothing can prepare them for the arrival of a sister ship — and its passengers’ devious plans. Alone in deep space, everything for the Empyrean’s habitants is about to change.

Courtesy of the publisher, I have one audio book copy of this exciting novel to share with a lucky winner! If you’ve been interested in dipping a toe in the world of audio books, this might be your chance. Before you enter, take a listen to a sample.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only through 12 p.m. (noon) on Wednesday, Oct. 26. A winner will be randomly selected using and emailed by yours truly.

To enter, simply fill out this form!

Book GIVEAWAY: ‘Bride Flight’

Many great films were great books first.

I’m absolutely loving the look of “Bride Flight,” a film premiering in the U.S. after enjoying success abroad. The movie is based on Marieke van der Pol’s Bride Flight, translated into English by Colleen Higgins — and it’s been a while since I picked up a novel without American roots. (How short-sighted of me, I know.) I’m really enjoying the book so far — and am happy to announce that I have three copies to give away to three U.S. readers!

Here’s what you’ll be getting yourself into, from Goodreads:

“It is 1953, and the last great transcontinental air race from London to Christchurch is about to begin; but even before the plane has left the runway, it has already become famous as the ‘bride flight.’ Of its 60 emigrating passengers, many are brides-to-be flying out to join their fiancés on the other side of the world.

Among them are Ada, Marjorie, and Esther, each of them with their own reasons for wanting to leave behind the hardships of post-war life at home and their own pasts. During the trip they meet Frank, a charismatic bachelor, who will come to have a dramatic influence on their lives and who exerts a continued hold over each of the women as they follow their very different paths in New Zealand. It is only when they meet again, years later, at Frank’s funeral, that the three women — now ‘brides in black’ — get to hear each other’s stories for the first time and realize just how closely their lives have been bound together by what happened on the bride flight.”

Sound enchanting? Want to read the book before you see the movie? Simply fill out this form before 12 p.m. EST on Friday, July 29. U.S. entries only, please (sorry, international friends). Three winners will be randomly selected and emailed for their mailing addresses.

Update on 7/29: Congrats to Melissa, Linda and Leslie, our winners! Ladies, I’ve emailed you.

Loot from #FridayReads = Christmas, my birthday and pink confetti

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more excited book lover than me last Monday! Two fat packages arrived for yours truly at work, carried in by my office buddy Kelly. “You have presents!” she chimed.

She wasn’t kidding.

Contained in my two padded envelopes were 10 books, a massive win from The Book Studio‘s #FridayReads program on Twitter. Each Friday, The Book Studio team asks Twitter folks to simply chat about what they’re reading that day and attach the #FridayReads hashtag to their thoughts. It’s a great way to see what your friends and followers have in hand, and I really enjoy checking out the responses throughout the day.

Before the snowpocalypse in early February, I participated and probably mentioned Austenland by Shannon Hale. Bethanne promised that if more than 500 responses came in for #FridayReads that day, The Book Studio would give away 10 books to one randomly selected winner. The response threshold was reached and, as you’ve probably guessed, I won! Throw the pink confetti!

I’d walked away from Twitter for about a half hour and when I returned, a flood of congratulations tweets filled my timeline. It took me a few minutes (and several Twitter stalkage clicks) to figure out what had happened, but then I was squealing with glee! Especially since I was housebound at that point. Girl needs something to keep her going.

What did I win, you might ask? Here’s what arrived in my mailbox:

The Embers by Hyatt Bass (fiction)
Stand The Storm by Breena Clarke (fiction)
Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen (fiction)
Cheerful Money by Tad Friend (non-fiction/memoir)
Sonata Mulattica by Rita Dove (poetry)
Lowboy by John Wray (fiction)
Things I’ve Been Silent About by Azar Nafisi (non-fiction/memoir)
The Brenner Assignment by Patrick O’Donnell (non-fiction/WWII)
Lovesick by Alex Wellen (fiction)
Drive by Daniel H. Pink (non-fiction)

Such an ecclectic group of books! I’ve already shared The Embers with a coworker, as I read it last summer on vacation; definitely a powerful read that I’ve actually thought about often, despite feeling like I really didn’t enjoy it at the time. I guess sometimes the novels that stick with us aren’t the ones we felt were “best,” but rather most poignant?

I’m really excited to make my way through the stack — pulling each one from the envelopes was a complete surprise, and so thrilling. Seriously. It felt like my birthday and Christmas and the dawning of a new millennium and a wedding (my own?) all wrapped up in two brown packages! None of them were necessarilybooks I would have chosen for myself, and I think that’s part of what makes it so fun. I definitely intend to pour over them — and y’all know I’ll be back to share.

Thanks again to The Book Studio for my fabulous prize! Remember to check out #FridayReads on Twitter and join in the fun. (I’m always there, so you know it must be good.)

Don’t ‘Hassel’ the Hoff — er, Megan

davidSo something a little crazy happened to me last week! On a particularly uninteresting afternoon, I stumbled across a hilarious post over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books — one of my favorite blogs about romance novels, reading, and just life in general. The talented Sarah was hosting a David Hasselhoff caption-writing contest — basically, slap a funny caption on a picture of the Hoff and the funniest would be crowned victor!

By some crazy twist of fate, I won! And what did I win, you may ask? Well, I could tell you . . . but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as showing you. As my friend Brandon and I often discuss, I know that should I ever run for president or find myself some mild-mannered celebrity, all of these photos could come back to haunt me in the pages of People magazine or on embarrassing still-frames on CNN . . . but I’m willing to take that risk. All in the name of comedy.

Pre-Hoff transformation

Pre-Hoff transformation

Running Hoff -- or me, with all my loot

Running Hoff -- or me, with all my loot

Mad-With-Money Hoff

Mad-With-Money Hoff

And, of course, Romance-Novel-Loving Hoff

And, of course, Romance-Novel-Loving Hoff

I would like to thank my partner-in-crime — my sister Katie — for her ingenious help in staging our Sunday Hoff photo shoot! And to Sarah, of course, for my awesome prizes. In addition to my Hoff wig, T-shirt, necklace and wristbands, I got a Hoff air freshener (nope, I haven’t smelled it yet!), some love dice, a ring, a bag and a coffee mug. The mug makes going back to work after the holidays slightly less daunting! . . . But only slightly.