Getting the sparkly wedding ball rolling

Engagement ring and coffee

Though I’d vowed to refrain from much wedding planning until after January 1, y’all know I’m no good at waiting. I’d crafted color-coded spreadsheets and potential guest lists before Christmas Eve — all in the name of having a plan. I like plans. I like lists. I like organization. And now that 2013 is here, I’m in major wedding mode for our planned November nuptials.

It should surprise no one that the very first vendor I researched — before the venue, catering or florists — was the photographer. When my sister and I attended a bridal event with a friend last fall, we met a lovely mother-daughter photographer duo from our area. I was so enamored with the vintage quality of their photos and fun, friendly personalities that I immediately bookmarked their site — you know, “for someday.” I’ve had a wedding bookmarks folder in my browser since a friend was engaged four years ago, so you know I’m happy to be finally using some of this research!

In the months since that meeting, I’ve followed their event shoots with only the tiniest smidgen of jealousy — and fantasized about booking them someday. Just days after Spencer proposed, I’d emailed Maggie and Betty to get the sparkly wedding ball rolling — and once we finalize a date, Birds of a Feather Photography will document our big day.

I’m so excited.

I’m even more excited that Spence liked the ladies as much as I did, and that their work spoke to him like it spoke to me. There’s something timeless and serene about their images — and I’m thrilled they’ll be the ones behind the lens this fall. Knowing how passionate my family is about photography, I figured finding just the right people to document our wedding would be rough . . . and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon them so early in the process.

As far as other wedding-related matters? We have a color palette in mind, and I’ve mocked up a few potential save-the-dates. We’re visiting a prospective venue this weekend with my parents and sister, and I’m hoping it looks as lovely in person as it does online and in reviews . . . because it can accommodate our large guest list and budget. No easy feat. Kate and her fiance have already chosen their site and date (in September!), so it’s going to be quite a busy year.

I’m seeing wedding planning is filled with decisions “big and small,” as a coordinator recently said, and sometimes the sheer volume of what needs to be done overwhelms me . . . but then I remember we’re really planning a big ol’ party to celebrate our union, and everything is going to be fine.

Better than fine, even. Everything will be awesome.