Book Blogger Love-a-Thon: Howdy!


Time for the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon! This two-day event is a way to bring together folks from all over the bookish Internet, spreading love for books and the bloggers who chat about them in the process. We’re meeting new folks, leaving comments, connecting on Twitter (#LoveAThon) and generally offering virtual smooches. See the list of participants and more at Alexa Loves Books.

Hi there! I’m Meg, a 29-year-old writer from Maryland, and I’ve been blogging steadily — about books, food, life — since 2008. write meg! began about a year after my college graduation as I languished a bit in the “real world,” missing the connections I found in the English classrooms I’d haunted for four years as an English lit major. I was a Borders bookseller as well as a newspaper editor, and was constantly seeking an avenue to discuss stories and writing. Starting a blog was a natural fit.

I stumbled upon the bookish Internet when a coworker introduced me to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, then quickly discovered The Book Lady’s Blog, run by Rebecca (now of Book Riot). Though I’d been posting about this and that for a few months, I lacked purpose — and hadn’t yet connected with other bloggers. My site averaged 10 hits a day. It was just kind of a thing I did . . . a thing without a goal.

But finding others posting reviews, creating book-inspired playlists, making recommendations and generally indulging their love of a story, an author, a series? Well, a light bulb went off. My aimless wanderings suddenly veered onto a path, and I wrote my first review — of Jennifer Weiner’s Little Earthquakes — that September.


I love literary fiction, contemporary fiction, chick lit, historical romance, young adult . . . and in the past few years, I’ve gotten into memoirs and humorous non-fiction, too. I’ve reviewed nearly 450 books here at write meg! with no plans to quit — even with a little one on the way. Most of my reviews are for contemporary and women’s fiction. These are my favorites.

When it comes to my best blogging experience, attending and speaking at the Book Blogger Convention in 2011 definitely ranks up there. Meeting so many friends in New York — in the flesh — was very exciting, and moderating a panel at the event pushed me way outside my comfort zone . . . in a good way. Though I don’t think public speaking will ever not force me into a cold sweat, it was an awesome way to connect with bloggers away from our computer screens. And just generally a great time.

So, given this is a Book Blogger Love-a-Thon, I feel the need to, er, come clean about the fact that I don’t blog only on books. I can sometimes go weeks without posting a review, actually, though I’m always in the middle of one novel or another. Reading is a vital part of my life (and I even had a bookish wedding!), but I often write about whatever is on my mind: weight gain (and loss), twenty-something conversation topics, becoming a parent. Variety is the spice of life, eh?

As the book blogging community continues to grow and change, I’m happy to still be here — and have formed many dear friendships these last seven years. Several have translated to “real life,” though even our Twitter chats are “real” to me. Checking in with you guys daily is just a part of my routine. We’ve been through countless life transitions, major moments, holidays and more together, and I look forward to sharing the arrival of Baby J — and many bookish stories — in the years to come.

Beyond write meg!, catch me on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

Want to join the fun? Check out Alexa Love Books for more information and to visit other participants — there is so much going on this weekend. Giveaways, fun posts, Twitter chats . . . see you there!