Wordless Wednesday: Monterey, California

I’m realizing I totally slacked off posting photos from our California trip in May — and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some shots of gorgeous Monterey! We had two beautiful days there, and the seaside town is beyond charming.
It’s even better revisiting it now, in November . . . hard to believe
that was already six months ago.

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Good eats in California

Is there anything more depressing than coming off a vacation where you ate All The Good Things you could ever want — and now have to resign yourself to leftovers at your desk, working through lunch with a crumbled granola bar for a late-afternoon snack?

Yeah. That’s how I feel. Despite having been home for more than two months, I’m still fantasizing about some of the delicious meals Spence and I shared in California. At the top would be the fabulous coconut shrimp in Monterey, followed by all the sweet, fattening and unforgettable breakfasts we were treated to each morning. I’m telling you: there’s only one way to travel, and that’s with Trafalgar Tours. (And they’re not paying me to say that. [Though I did win my vacation from them. But, you know.])

So if you’re hungry, grab a fork . . . I guess I’ll share. Just this once.

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