Book talk: ‘Mockingjay’ by Suzanne Collins

There are many things you probably need right now.

A sandwich, maybe; you skipped breakfast again and wow, does that make you ravenous come lunchtime. Maybe a nice nap, too, after eating that big meal. And I’d wager you could really do with an extra thousand bucks to put towards student loans, a mortgage or your addictive book-buying habit.

What you probably don’t need right now? Another review of Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay.

But before you mark this post as “read” in Google Reader or immediately skip past it to look at photos of cupcakes and baby cows, I’ll say this: I’m not going to review Mockingjay. Not the way I typically review books, anyway, with a good ol’ summary and my extensive thoughts on a novel.

Because honestly? I don’t really have extensive thoughts on this novel — and definitely not those already covered extensively by far more intelligent, comprehensive and devoted fans of the series than yours truly.

So here’s how I felt about it. After months of hearing about some crazy young adult novel called The Hunger Games, I finally broke down and snagged a copy off BookMooch. I read it — devoured it, really — and was in loooove. Out came Catching Fire and, you know, that one was pretty great, too. Action, adventure, a weird love triangle — I was hooked.

And then we have Mockingjay, the third and final book in Collins’ best-selling series. And while I liked the book, there were many things about it that just . . . made me feel very ambivalent. And it took me almost two weeks to finish it, which is crazy to me. Especially since I put aside everything else I was reading when it was released in August.

Spoilers below.

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Where I am, what I’m reading and how you can reach me

As the final send-off to a marvelous summer (which included — yes — a Foreigner concert), I’m heading to upstate New York with Spencer to visit his parents and meet his family — and I’m excited, but yes . . . I’m nervous. Everything will be fine, I know, and I’m sure we’ll have a great time — it’s just the pressure of making a good first impression that gets to me. I’ve been here before, but not with someone I cared about as much as I care about him. So that? Makes it all the more intense.

But I’m not thinking about it. Not. Thinking. About. It.

On a positive note, it’s currently 64 degrees in Gerry, New York, friends, and what does that mean? I get to pack a jacket. Jeans. Boots. Maybe a scarf. After a long, hot and terrible D.C. summer, I’m thrilled to be headed somewhere cooler! After quizzing Spencer last night about New York temperatures, he said, “I guess think of it being like October weather here.” And October weather? Well, that’s my favorite. So I’m pumped.

In other news, choosing what books to pack for a four-day, busy weekend has proved challenging. I need something for that one hour flight to Buffalo, of course, and I have to choose wisely. Too bad I haven’t found an entertaining book in a while . . . and that nothing new and incredibly exciting has been released lately.

Oh, wait . . .

Yeah. Mockingjay. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Shuffling off to my local Borders, I’ll be picking up a copy on my lunch break today — and am beginning to understand why some folks actually took a whole day off of work to feast on the majesty. I remember being home and reading like a mad person the day after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pubbed, but I was also:

a) On summer vacation
b) A college student
c) Without a big girl job
d) Way more energetic than I am now.

So I’ll have to settle for stowing that gorgeous baby-blue beauty away with me and reading on the plane.

If I can keep my eyes open.

Which is looking doubtful.

I’ll be off enjoying the wonderful weekend in New York and offline, but be sure to check in with me on Twitter@writemeg — where I’ll be posting thoughts, sharing photos from Niagara Falls and generally continuing the #Mockingjay mayhem. See you all soon!