Wedding heels: the verdict


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: which pair of shoes did Megan select for her wedding?

Pins and needles, I tell you. You’ve barely gotten any sleep, right? But after my original post with my three main choices for heels, I ordered the top two — Nos. 2 and 3 — and waited (im)patiently for them to arrive from Zappos. Once I’d ripped into that box, I nervously unwrapped each and began inspecting them. They both looked great.

Ordering “the perfect shoes” for our big day has been a source of anxiety. Like so many aspects of my attire, I want to look great but don’t want to be uncomfortable. Finding a red heel with a peep toe that wasn’t too high was my goal, and both of these shoes came through. But once I tucked my tootsies into each and walked the hallway in a circuit long enough to really befuddle my golden retriever, eyeballing my progress around the downstairs in very loud shoes, one pair was the clear choice.

So which was it?


. . . pair No. 2!

While I love the look of the bows and the sheen of pair No. 3, my toes were squished in those babies. They have a higher heel — one that would put me at eye level with my fiance (weird!) — but, most critically, they were not easy to walk in. I didn’t feel stable in them — and as Spencer pointed out, I apparently didn’t look stable in them, either.


On the contrary, the second pair are very sturdy; as I strutted around, I lacked the “newborn foal” wobbly legs associated with the bow heels. I do wear heels to work and am used to fancy shoes, but some are just better than others. With so many things being equal (price, color, style), I had to choose the pair that felt the most comfortable . . . and that was definitely pair No. 2.


Done! Decision made! I love nipping my weird anxieties in the bud and just getting things done. I adore crossing wedding-related items off my list, especially when they’re things I’ve been worrying about, and always feel so great having just made up my mind.

Now to decide on jewelry . . .