Dooney purse lust

I have total purse lust — but I’m getting discouraged while searching for my next Dooney. I’m telling you, these Dooney & Bourke bags are like crack. I received my first one as a birthday gift from my mom when I turned 20, and I went out and bought the pink rope patterned bag as a treat to myself this past spring. I figured I was working really hard, I had some extra cash and I’d been lusting over this pink purse for far too long. I just realized I’ve never actually taken a picture of it, which is a travesty. I’m going to correct that later! It’s gorgeous!

So this yellow purse — the “girly bag” motif, as it were — is my new obsession. My sister has a wristlet with blue and pink details, and I’m dying for a green one with pink details (hearts, I suppose). I can’t find it. I saw it months ago on the Dooney Web site and now, mysteriously, it has vanished. Along with my rope pattern. Along with several other patterns I’d been salivating over!


I’d start to go the Ebay route, but I’m afraid of what I might wind up with if I try and order a Dooney online. I guess I’m a purse snob. I don’t know. All sorts of excellent bags and bargains are to be had on QVC, though. I’ve started to crack and buy more than a few from there, but decided I need to hold firm until I find the bag. My pink and green girly bag.

The search continues . . .

UPDATE! (9/12)

Yes, I have very exciting news. Not only did I find the aforementioned green-and-pink bag combo, I found an even more exciting purse — a brown girly bag! Yes!

Must . . . resist . . .