Rudy takes himself a ‘dirt nap’

Enjoying my new weekend freedom, I tackled a project this afternoon I’ve been putting off forever: burning my digital photos to CDs. I take a ton of pictures, uploading all of them to our somewhat-ancient PC. This is definitely a recipe for disaster. So I started transferring everything I have off here, including last year’s photos and many from the spring and summer.

I came across these two of my dog, and this one is probably my favorite:

But I love the next one too! My dad was laying sod in the back yard in the early summer, so he had dirt delivered and tilled what was already there.

And Rudy decided to take himself a dirt nap — literally:

Hilarious! And needless to say, we had to get him cleaned up after that . . . but it was worth it for Dad to get this shot!

animals make everything better

greatest dog ever?

Doesn’t my golden retriever look very wise?

We got Rudy three years ago from animal rescue group Paws for Life near the Maryland/Delaware line — and he’s been our loveable and whacky companion ever since. Our older dog Roxie was getting a little lonely in her retirement years, so Rudy originally joined the family with intention of making him Roxie’s new best friend. Though the relationship was a little tenuous at first, Rudy and Roxie became inseparable until our sweet girl passed away in October 2007. I miss her every day.

But Rudy’s been there through many crazy adventures, reclining on piles of dirt when Dad was redoing the backyard; chasing squirrels at break-neck speed; never, ever tiring of bringing over his trusty chew toys to be thrown over and over and over through the yard; dropping his full 90 pounds of weight on top of you when you’re watching TV. Rudy loves to recline on the floor, putting his head right in your lap. And though I usually walk away from these cuddle visits with fine blonde fur covering the entire length of my body, I love Rudy Boy immensely.

I just finished reading Marley & Me last night — and, of course, I cried like a baby through much of it. I love books — and I love the way books can transform us and remind us of what is real and good and whole in the world.

And animals just make everything better.