Five things on Friday

Spencer - Niagara

1. Today is my husband’s birthday! He’s not generally the make-a-fuss type, but I totally am — and this is his first “married” birthday. So on this, the auspicious day of Spencer’s birth, I’d like to acknowledge how kind, thoughtful and hardworking my guy is — for me, for the family, at work, for friends. He’s always ready to lend a hand or critical eye, and he’s taught me so much about rolling with life’s punches and smiling anyway. I love him for that — and so many other reasons. Happy birthday, Spence! ❤ And thanks for always letting me have the last of the salsa. I love you!

2. If I hear “All of Me” one more time, I’m going to scream. I didn’t really have an opinion of John Legend one way or another until we started listening to a local radio station at work, and said station apparently has a penchant for torture. The song played six times — six! — in the span of my eight-hour work day on Wednesday, and I was ready to jump through a window. My hatred has become a running gag with coworkers . . . only I’m not kidding.


3. I started Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, and y’all applauded my decision. I’m 3% finished and the book is, apparently, 800-ish pages? So great progress, I’d say. The great thing about reading on my Kindle, as Trish has pointed out in the past, is I don’t have to feel that sagging weight of a too-long book pressing on my shoulders. I pay less attention to how much I have left to go (a guilty habit) and more just getting into the story. I’m enjoying it so far, though I probably have a bit until I meet the infamous Jamie!

4. Thanks to your suggestions, I’ve spent far too much time looking at comfy chairs on Wayfair (affiliate link). I’m pretty much in love with this one and this one, but we have a month until we’re in the house — and I don’t want to move that sucker twice. Plus, um, we have no space for a chair right now . . . like, at all. So I’ll have to settle for daydreaming.


5. Speaking of daydreaming . . . in a few weeks, we’ll be in San Francisco! I’m so excited to return to California and relax. After the stress of winter and spring, I’m ready to just hang out. We’re driving to Yosemite, too, and will actually spend three days there . . . versus the four-ish hours we had in the valley back in 2012. I plan to buy a backpack, recharge all my camera batteries, grab some water and sunscreen and just go. I bought new sneakers, too! Real, non-sandal shoes! It’s going to be marvelous.

Happy weekend, friends!

Five things on Friday


1. I had a crab melt on Wednesday. It was glorious. I even ate all the fries, which . . . well, I never thought I’d “miss” French fries, that classic American side, but Weight Watchers definitely changed my thinking. I’m all about steamed vegetables these days. Like so many foods, enjoying them only occasionally means I actually pay attention to what I’m eating — and I loved that whole meal at Rams Head Tavern. Everything about it.

2. My sister and I are going to a fashion show tonight with a good friend, and I am so pumped about it! It’s a fundraiser for a local organization, and they asked us to bring gently-worn “wardrobe essentials” to donate to women in transition. I was all too happy to oblige. Partly because we’re prepping to move and partly because most of my work clothes don’t fit well anymore, I gathered up skirts and dresses and tops and work pants and felt so good to be cleaning out my closet — and helping someone who could use a hand. Knowing the clothes will be staying in my county feels even better.

3. I’ve joined the awesome crew at Food Riot, y’all! You can check out my early posts here and here. I’m officially on the schedule beginning next week and will have weekly posts about eating, food and all kinds of fun. I even have an official bio. Very excited about this new opportunity and hope to see you ’round those parts, too.

4. In a few short weeks, Spence and I will be traveling to Niagara-on-the-Lake with my excellent in-laws for a few days of relaxing and having fun, then hopping down to see family in New York. After such a brutal few months, packing a suitcase is helping me break through the doldrums. I have my new passport and can’t wait to use it!

5. Speaking of not being able to wait to use things, I have a $25 Lowe’s gift card that will soon be burning a hole in my pocket. The idea of me being excited to go into a home improvement store is a new sensation, but I’ve been trolling home blogs lately for some inspiration. I know nothing about decorating. My favorites so far? Definitely Young House Love, Teal and Lime and Rappsody In Rooms. If you have any suggestions for home inspiration sites you love, please share!