Finding some (extra) time


Who knew so much could get done in 15 minutes?

The day our morning routines shake out, my husband leaves for work about an hour before I do — and I typically am ready in about 30 minutes, give or take, which often gives me an elusive 15-20 minute window to do whatever before I have to leave for work.

It doesn’t sound like much, but 15 minutes of focused energy on a single task is actually a lot.

Sometimes I clean.

Or watch a slice of “Good Morning America.”

Or pack up a lunch for the day.

Or grab my Kindle and read, read, read.

Lately I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents, participating in the 12 Days of Love Letters by writing out a card and packing up Etsy orders to ship.

My new favorite wind-down activity: reading magazines! As a lifelong book reader, I never bothered to pick up one of the many mags lining the tables at my parents’ house. But after a subscription snafu wound up granting me a year of Glamour, I’ve actually been sitting down with coffee — at home — and flipping through it before work.

It’s pretty glorious.

Lately I’ve actually been getting ready for work faster so I’ll have a little extra time to hang out on the sofa. As someone who once slapped her snooze button at least three times before finally pouring herself into the shower, then running around before eventually sprinting out the door, this new routine is surprising . . . but wonderful.

It feels nice to rush less, think more.

To have time for simple projects that mean something to me.

In the quiet mornings just after I wish Spence a good day, I sit in the stillness of our space and feel . . . good.

Whole. Happy.

And if I love my 15 minutes so much? Imagine how I’d feel if I had a whole hour.

Have a happy weekend, friends! I’ll be back Monday with a big, fat, sparkly post brimming with my tips on surviving — and thriving! — throughout the wedding planning process. Dec. 16 marks one year since we got engaged. Oh, how time flies! ❤

Structured ‘free time’

After retiring from retail last weekend, I’m now smack in the middle of my first true three-day weekend in a long, long time! I have a few vacation days from the paper that are use or lose before the end of the year . . . so I’ll be enjoying them over the next few Mondays and Fridays.

This means plenty of time reading, writing, relaxing and . . . yeah, I’m not even fooling myself! I don’t know how to really take a break. So I’ll be attending several birthday parties, family events, picking pumpkins, celebrating my grandparents’ 50th wedding and getting my hair cut tomorrow! I’m crazy excited. It’s long and pretty much out of control . . . my hair battles are never ending.

And I’m really getting serious about NaNoWriMo, too! Just a little more than a week’s worth of prep to go . . . I don’t know. I’m constantly going back and forth trying to decide whether I want to actually sketch out a few things — and whether it’s just bet to jump in without any real agenda. Last year’s NaNo book worked well with the free-spirited method, but I feel that my novels since then would have really benefited from a little structure early on. I guess because that was the first, I could afford to be a little reckless. Since then, editing a book without a real sense of planning or plot was a little nightmarish. At least initially. Thank goodness I had my trusty sister editor Katie to help me out!

On that unsure thought, I’m off to bed to gear up for my quite structured “free time.” I’m really looking forward to the next few days!
And I’ve definitely enjoyed the past few, too.