Beginner’s cooking with Meg: Spaghetti & meat sauce

So in an effort to become more and more of an adult — and so my parents will begin to stop worrying that I’m going to starve once I move out of the house — I’ve slowly begun taking over small cooking responsibilities around dinnertime. Since I love spaghetti and it’s reasonably simple to throw together, that’s been my pet project lately . . . and tonight, things turned out well!

You know, it certainly wasn’t a masterpiece . . . but my basic cooking skills are improving! Tonight I figured out how to defrost ground turkey, whip together a tomato sauce with garlic, heated some green beans and stuck frozen biscuits in the oven. Again, not nearly a culinary treasure — but hot, filling and pretty tasty.

Once I leave my second job and and more “time” on my hands, I definitely want to get heavier into cooking. Like most people, I love food — and my parents are both tired of cooking after preparing 28 years of meals in a time crunch.

So here’s to jumping into the culinary world without any real idea what I’m doing . . . but armed with lots of Food Network knowledge. I can’t get enough “Good Eats”!

My culinary weapons!

The finished project

Food (not touching) — something I can believe in

After reading a very thought-provoking post by Trish, I’ve decided the time has come for me to voice my opinion on quite a serious matter . . .

. . . And no, it’s not the upcoming election. Although I certainly lean a certain way in that regard.

No, no, this is much simpler than the issues of same sex marriage, foreign oil dependency, the right for a woman to choose or how we’re going to get out of Iraq.

This is about food touching.

Keep the biscuits away from the gravy!

Keep the biscuits away from the gravy!

I have a serious, constant and nagging need to separate my food on any plate at any given time — I cannot have peas working their way over into my macaroni, or let butter sidle its way over to where I have an innocent piece of hamburger nearby. I need my food in small lumps around my plate — meat here, vegetable there, piece of bread on a napkin near my silverware. I create small rivers around the respective parts of my meal, never allowing them to touch.

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