Plans and catching up on books

img_53472I was getting nervous before — and that was nothing compared to the growing insanity that is my TBR pile! I’m actually getting nervous now. And a little frightened. How am I going to get caught up? Less working, photography, crocheting, hanging out with friends, family and boyfriend and . . . more reading! Seriously. How am I going to read all these books?

Most of them I acquired through BookMooch. Some I bought at Borders; others at a library sale. I definitely want to read most of them, but I don’t know how I’m going to have any space for anything new pretty soon! Those stacks above are just the ones in my room. There’s still a whole bookcase downstairs filled with TBR books, too!

I feel a bunch of giveaways coming on!

But this weekend, I will finish The Anglophile. And I will start a new book, work my way quickly through that one and hit the next title. I will be unstoppable — a reading tornado. I’ll have that TBR stack halved in no time!

But I really do want to finish the first scarf that’ll be part of my new spring collection. And I think we’re finally going to see “Slumdog Millionaire” tomorrow night! I’ll be dancing in the aisles to “Jai Ho,” which hasn’t gotten out of my head since watching the Oscars last Sunday. And I have to complete an assignment for my photography class, and I’m really at a loss for a cool backdrop with which to photograph Kate, my sister/model. And I really want to crochet more flowers, now that I actually know how! The photo I wanted for yesterday’s post is just above.

Looking forward to a busy weekend! Hope everyone enjoys the last few days of February and gets ready for March. I can’t wait for spring! And I’ll be randomly choosing the winner of my keep warm while reading giveaway Sunday afternoon — you can still enter here through noon, Feb. 28! Then I’ll be announcing my next prize in conjunction with the Book Giveaway Carnival, sponsored by Bookroom Reviews. The fun starts Monday, March 2. Can’t wait!

Everything’s coming up roses… in stitches

So I’m incredibly proud of myself! After thinking about how for all I talk about loving to crochet things, I really only know one stitch — the afghan stitch — that is now patently untrue! Mom sat down with me last night, just like she did when I was little, to show me how to crochet. And I can now make flowers! Yes, real crocheted flowers — using two new stitches! I’m so impressed with myself (and with Mom’s patience and clear direction). I made two purple and two pink, and they’re adorable. I’m already thinking of ideas for my “spring collection” — and all of those will be posted on my Etsy shop when they’re done. If I decide I can actually part with them!

Flowers by AnnieDesign I took photos of the flowers, of course, but then I fell asleep before I could upload them. So I’ll leave you with the beautiful handiwork of Annie Design at right while I ruminate over the new patterns I’m going to create! Mine look very much like these… but I’m going to use all spring colors! I started making a white scarf last night to accompany the flowers. I’m so excited. Learning something new is really inspiring — especially since I’ve been afraid to try a new stitch for years. Fear of failure was once a palpable thing! But now that I’m older and have learned and/or taught myself so many skills, I’m not afraid of anything anymore. In fact, I can say very honestly that I don’t think there’s anything in the world I couldn’t do if I dedicated myself to it. And now that I’ve pumped myself way up, I’m off to keep working and get ready for photography class tonight! Yay!