And a very merry Christmas to you

O Christmas tree

Though I feel entirely unprepared, Christmas is upon us! I’m off for an entire glorious week from work, the final presents are wrapped and I’m definitely ready to relax with family and friends. This year will feature a healthy mix of traditions both new and old, and I’m looking forward to seeing our New York family on a little adventure!

From my cozy spot on the couch in my ol’ sweatpants, I’m wishing you a very happy holiday and wonderful start to the new year! I’ll be back in early January to share my favorite reads from last year and continue preparing for the chaos and joy that is sure to be 2015.

I mean, we’re going to have a baby next year. A baby. Every time I start to wrap my brain around that, something refuses to process — but I’m sure that, with my burgeoning belly, this will load very soon. I can’t believe that I’ll be almost halfway through my pregnancy in mid-January . . . and that we’ll learn the gender of our little babe in just a few weeks.

It seemed so far away . . . and now I find myself wishing that time would slow down. I have a hunch that will become a common thread for me.

But for now? I’ll just enjoy the now.

It’s a pretty great one.

Merry Christmas, friends!