First bridal show — as a bride

Heart wreathPre-engagement, my sister and I accompanied a newly-engaged friend to a wedding event at a lovingly-restored barn. It was a cool October evening, gorgeous and ripe with the colors of fall. Spencer and I had just looked at rings for the first time, but hadn’t yet told a soul. When Bethany told us she was planning to go, Katie and I tagged along — “for fun.” Though I hoped it wouldn’t be long before I rocked my own piece of new jewelry.

That wedding show was so much fun — and that’s actually how we found our photographers. I was so impressed with their work that I immediately bookmarked their site, anxious to contact them as soon as Spencer proposed. (And I totally did.) Beyond just having a good time at that initial event, we met local vendors and absorbed information on the whole event-planning process. Though I’ve watched my share of “Say Yes To the Dress” and “Four Weddings,” I had no idea what the real-deal would be like.

I’m slowly figuring it out.

Last weekend found us back at my own wedding venue for my second bridal show — and first as an actual bride. As we still need quite a few vendors to fill out our “team,” I enjoyed speaking with deejays and florists, bakers and travel agents. I found a few more folks to help round out our big day, including a lovely pianist, and I actually teared up listening to her music samples.

Stuff gets real when you hear “Canon in D,” my friends.

Of course, navigating all the cake samples was a potential minefield for yours truly — what with my recent dietary changes. I’m proud to say I had one baby cupcake . . . and that is all. And to my delight, it wasn’t the “gateway food” Spencer teased it would be. Two weeks into my get-healthy efforts, I find myself craving less and less of the goodies I once enjoyed . . . because I’m focused on the end-goal: looking and feeling better. While the cake samples and crab dip and fancy drinks looked tasty, I didn’t crave them — and I walked right by them. I call that progress.

Oh! Oh! And in the most exciting news of all, I won a door prize: signature cocktails for my guests! Which is really awesome because, you know, I didn’t know how we were affording alcohol. The budget has been interesting . . . and I felt okay about it until the idea of alcohol was introduced. As someone who rarely drinks, spending thousands on booze was enough to make me lose my lunch. We recognized that a dry wedding wasn’t a possibility, though, and were trying to figure out how to get around that . . . when I won the prize. So YAY! No need to for everyone to bring their own flasks!

And now, to the business of actually booking these fine folks . . .

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