Toes in the water

Break out the sand and Cheerwine — I’m headed to the beach! I’m joining my family for our annual excursion to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My plan is to procure lots of postcards, read as much as possible and try not to get sunburned before Erin’s wedding in a few weeks. (Blood-red tan lines? Not cute with my halter-style dress.)

An absurd amount of effort will probably be placed on not blowing my diet, exercising as much as I can ( . . . I’m chuckling just typing that, but I really am going to try) and missing my boyfriend. Avoiding confections from Dairy Queen and delicious fried seafood is going to be a challenge, but I’m determined to slim down before Sept. 10.

So what’s in my beach bag? I haven’t quite decided, but I have a feeling I’m going to bring along J. Courtney Sullivan’s Maine and Jenny Han’s It’s Not Summer Without You. I’ve been saving the latter for just such an occasion — and my own time at the family beach house seems like the perfect time to continue this series. I usually don’t pick my books until just as I’m leaving; it’s a big commitment, choosing my beach books. They’re the ones around which I’ll form my trip memories. They’re the stories I’ll look back on and think, “Oh yes — I read that in my favorite chair.”

Hope you’re all enjoying the waning days of summer and have made the most of your time in the sun. I’ll see you next week!

Off to New York

Trains are really, really fun. I can’t remember the first time I ever rode one — maybe in Williams, Ariz., en route to the Grand Canyon — but they sure as heck beat bus travel or, in many ways, trying to trundle through busy airports and drag my tired self through security before getting on a stuffy, germ-infested airplane.

Not that I don’t like airplanes. Or won’t board one.

But trains? Well, trains are tops.

And I’m on one right now, making my way to New York City for the Book Blogger Convention and other fun festivities in the city. It’s true that the Big Apple has a distinct vibe all its own, and I had a great time last May seeing the city with my family. My boyfriend Spencer will be with me now and, come hell or high water, I intend to have frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. It’s, like, number one on my bucket list.

Okay — maybe not number one. Swimming in a vat of pumpkin spice lattes is probably number one. But it’s up there.

Happy Memorial Day to my American friends, and I hope to catch up with many of you in the city this weekend. But if I don’t see your smiling face, I’ll look forward to visiting you all when I return next week!

A pint for you — off to England

Friends, neighbors, countrymen — I’m headed back to England. And added to my vacation experience will be tours of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I’ll be everywhere and keeping busy, and hope to take approximately 4,000 photos and make countless memories.

I’m taking my “holiday” as a chance to unwind and unplug — and, you know, an international phone plan would be way too rich for my blood. So I’m going off the grid. It’s super exciting, but I will miss you all — and won’t expect to be back at my keyboard until Wednesday, April 27. Look forward to a ridiculously long post(s) and countless Wordless Wednesday shots upon my return!

As per previous arrangements, I’ll have a few book reviews posting in my absence. Otherwise, look for your girl Meg in a few weeks. I’ll make my triumphant return just in time for the Book Blogger Convention!

I’ll have a warm pint for you, friends. Cheers!

Beverly Hills… that’s where I’m going to be!


I’m en route to gorgeous California! So if you don’t see any updates and wonder why I’m not Tweeting obsessively about all sorts of erudite things, friends, that’s your answer. I’ll miss you all but can’t wait to relax on the West Coast! And when I come back, I’ll have tons of stories and photos to share about my time in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Posts are scheduled for while I’m away, including my review of Laura Kasischke’s In A Perfect World, so do stop by between now and when I return on Nov. 9!

And if everyone could do me a quick favor and send thoughts into the universe that I’ll run into John Mayer in one of L.A.’s restaurants, clubs or, you know, on the street, I’d appreciate it. It’s time to make things happen! And I’m ready!

Awesome L.A. Photoshop work
by my dear friend Brandon!

Off to London!

Off to London!

Photo by talented Flickr user Anirudh Koul

Photo by talented Flickr user Anirudh Koul

After months of anticipation, the time is finally here! I’ll be flying to London tomorrow evening and can’t wait to have one seriously jam-packed, exciting and crazy weekend. I look forward to sharing all of my adventures at write meg! when I get back! Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day for all in the U.S., too!

See you Tuesday!