Etsy find Fridays: Lovely bookish finds

As a friend has helpfully pointed out, there are six Fridays until Christmas. Three pay days. Seven weekends.

I’m someone who has, in recent years, relied on the Internet for most of my shopping needs — but I’m already struggling this year. With limited time and a limited budget, how do we find gifts that impress? Everyone loves the look of delight on friends’ faces when they open something tailor-made for them, but getting there — that magical moment with gift wrap shredded — is the hard part.

I’m something of a gift lover. Presenting presents means more to me than receiving them, even, and I’ve been spoiled by thoughtful parents who always seemed to find “the right thing.” The right thing does not mean “the expensive thing,” of course — just the perfect little something you never knew you’ve always wanted.

And that’s a lot of pressure.

Everyone knows I’m a reader. Despite my awful track record in 2014 (let’s not speak of it), books will always be my solace. Many of my friends are readers, too, but we all know the perils of trying to buy novels for the readers who have everything.

The odds of me picking out a paperback that a devoted reader has not read are pretty slim, honestly — so I rely upon Etsy for inspiration to wow literary pals. When I was working on the library at home, I drew inspiration from many of these items, too, and may hope Santa has a few hiding under the tree for me.

You never know when he’s listening . . .

Books are the quietest print

Books print, $20, by ladypoppins

Jane Eyre book scarf

Jane Eyre book scarf, $42, by storiarts

Book lover clock

Book lover clock, $49, by the accessory corner

Jane Austen bookmarks

Jane Austen bookmarks (set of 6), $9.50, by CastleOnTheHill

Library card shirt

Library card shirt, $22, by GrammaticalArt

This post was not sponsored in any way;
I just love Etsy and sharing cool finds with you!

Booking Through Thursday: Book gifts

booking_through_thurs It’s Thursday again — and we all know what that means! Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

‘What, if any, memorable or special book have you ever gotten as a present? Birthday or otherwise. What made it so notable? The person who gave it? The book itself? The “gift aura?”’

My parents have always been huge proponents of reading — and, arguably, that’s probably the reason I went on to major in English Literature in college, work as an editor and aspire to be a novelist myself. My mom and dad have been giving my sister and I books from the time we were born, and many of our favorite memories include sitting around with my parents reading The Berenstein Bears collection (the Halloween versions and “junk food” were usually our favorites!) or Little Critters. My mom always writes beautiful inscriptions inside, too.


Not mine, but I have a ton of snowglobes from Florida!

The first book that really comes to mind out of all the books I’ve received over the years, though, is a book on snowglobes my dad got me for Christmas when I was probably around eight. I was obsessed with waterglobes as a child — I picked them up on all of our family vacations, requested them from friends and family and squealed when my grandparents would buy me the super large snowglobes for Christmas or my birthday. My dad found a book, aptly titled Snowglobes, and I still have it on the bottom bookshelf in my room. It’s a picture collection of snowglobes from all over the world — and is highly illustrated, of course! I was reading then but still loves seeing all the pretty pictures. My dad, sister and I used to sit and pour through all the pictures, pointing out our favorites. I remember a two-page spread near the back was full of one woman’s entire collection and I was mesmorized by the sheer number of snowglobes all in one place.

I still love waterglobes — and still get excited when I see them out. I’ve had to pack up my own large collection for space reasons but can’t see myself ever getting rid of them! And I usually bring back one or two from all my trips. As I type this, I have a tiny, pretty one from San Gimignano, Italy just next to my work phone! There’s something sort of magical about them.

It was so special because it was from my dad, I know, and I think that’s a lot of the reason why I still have so many books from when my sister and I were younger. We have many from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends . . . and it’s exciting to get books, I think!

And thanks, Dad, for fostering my snowglobe love at such a young age!