Five things on Friday

Catching Air

1. We’re starting our baby registry tomorrow. As a (nervous) first-timer, moms and dads of the world: what should we include? What can we do without? I’m assuming the store will have a handy-dandy guide for us — but that, like the bridal registry, it will include “must-have” items that are actually impractical and unnecessary. But where I knew I didn’t need gold-laced bone china, I don’t know a darn thing about baby paraphernalia. Send help.

2. I’ve found my reading mojo once more . . . and man, it feels good! With January drawing to a close, I’ve finished five books this month and am wrapping up a sixth. Considering I think I read four books total in the fall, I’m feeling great about striding toward my 55-book goal for 2015. But more importantly, I’ve returned to losing myself in stories — always my favorite way to relax. I’m plowing through some review copies I’ve had hanging around for a while, too, which always feels productive.

3. Though it’s hard to admit, my love of pickles — a pregnancy staple — has begun to wane. Lately I can’t get enough of plain ol’ potato chips and dip, which makes seeing recipes like this all the more enticing. Since buying lots of local spice mixes in the fall, I’ve gotten obsessed with making homemade dips; they’re usually just equal parts mayonnaise, sour cream and spices. What can go wrong there?! And Sunday is the Super Bowl! The perfect time for greasy snacks. And maybe beer bread. And lots of commercial-watching. I can’t wait.

4. Last night was the final episode of “Parenthood” ever and I don’t want to talk about it. Or, rather, I do, but I don’t think I’m emotionally capable. Never before have fictional characters made me cry so hard that I had to remove my contacts and gulp air like a drowning woman. Though I was late to the series, my sister really got me into it — and I will miss it so much.

5. As most of my funds went toward Christmas gifts in November and December, I had to stay away from Etsy, my beloved playground — but I’m back. And it’s bad. I’ve long loved compiling my favorite treasures from the marketplace, but I have to hold myself back from basically ordering all the things. Right now? I’m lusting after this adorable box for book lovers, these sock monkey blocks for Baby J and this gorgeous photography.

Anddddd I’m clicking off before I really get into trouble.

Happy weekend, friends!