End-of-summer feast


I didn’t make too many summer plans this year.

It’s just hot, for one. And we’re still tired. Oliver sleeps like a champ most nights, but I still find this residual new-parent exhaustion digging its claws in me at least once a day. The good news? I no longer feel the pressing weight of being behind, behind, behind in everything I do. The housework, my work-work, keeping up my friendships and marriage . . . it’s not all done perfectly, but I try. It’s happening.

It’s nearly September — the start of my most favorite season. Monday morning was . . . chilly. Like, actually a little cold. Wawa had pumpkin spice coffee brewed on their bar and I gasped at the sight of it, feeling a little bit wobbly with enthusiasm as I poured myself a cup.

The first cup of fall. Is there anything sweeter?

This weekend will be our end-of-summer crab feast with the family — an annual tradition going strong for years now. I always look forward to this chance to connect with our Virginia crew, who are such awesome folks, and get our hands messy chomping down on seafood.

It will be Oliver’s second feast — and I’m hoping he’ll sit still long enough for us to actually enjoy picking crabs with our cousins. At 16 months old, Ollie does not like to be contained . . . at all. Ever. Dining out is a struggle because the kid just wants to crawl away and get into anything and everything, but we’ve managed to hold him still long enough to have a few meals out recently. An endless supply of Puffs help.

After this weekend, I’ll be digging out my storage bins of gourds and scarecrows. I’ve started looking at the calendar to determine fall plans and have made a note of the many craft fairs that will soon start ramping up. We’re figuring out our Thanksgiving plans and Christmas travel arrangements, and I’m adding to that holiday gift spreadsheet already, determined to feel as little stress as possible this year.

Pumpkin spice lattes, cardigans, crunchy leaves, Halloween activities and azure skies — as always, I find myself wanting to rush through the sticky summer to just get to all things savory and apple pie-scented.

But first: crabs.

Can’t rush all the good stuff.




5 thoughts on “End-of-summer feast

  1. I so share your enthusiasm for Wawa’s pumpkin spice coffee! Holy cow! Now that I live in Tennessee I can’t get it unless I go home to visit family, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Great post!

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    It has always been my favorite time when I see leaves on the ground and( I hate to rake them! )

    The calmness of it .

    All the pretty and fun things and activities to do that go along with Harvest Time.

    Of course, we cannot forget my birthday and anniversary! Oh ,those memories!!

    LOVE, GRAM xoxo


  3. I also can’t wait for fall! I’m just getting ready to publish my fall bucket list. Not too early, is it?! 😉

    Glad you’re feeling a bit less stressed and overwhelmed by mamahood! I’m starting to get there too but also feel that perpetual exhaustion. Caleb sleeps well for the most part, but I feel run down and tired all the time still. Such is life as a parent!


  4. I’m excited for Fall, I’m not a huge Summer fan to be fair (I can’t hack heat). I love feeling warm and cozy and the sound the leave make when they’ve littered the pavements.


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