Five things on Friday


1. As a belated Mother’s Day gift, my sister, Mom and I recently enjoyed tea and a tour at National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Despite living just 40-ish minutes outside the city, I don’t get downtown much these days — let alone on a Tuesday. It was such a cool, fun experience, and the food was delicious! We all I know was likely British in a past life, so the tea tradition speaks to my scone-loving soul. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique opportunity in the city.

2. I can’t help but feel like August is the only thing standing between me and fall. Glorious, beautiful, crisp and cozy fall. Last year I totally lost my marbles and started decorating before Labor Day, which I realize was . . . a little premature. This year? I’m trying to reign in my enthusiasm, but it’s pointless. Oliver was only 6 months old last Halloween, but this year I feel like he’ll be closer to “getting it” — and I’ll be able to better position him for pumpkin photo shoots! This is the No. 1 reason to have a child, by the way: photo shoots. (Just kidding. Er, sort of.)

3. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve earned a trophy for adulting for finally resolving a medical bill for testing during my pregnancy (!!) that has been haunting us since January 2015. It’s a long and boring story involving many phone calls, emails, stapled statements and blah blah blah, but as of yesterday, I fought the good fight and won. Just so happy to have that resolved. Insurance issues are the worst. Also, now I don’t have to worry about bankruptcy, so. Sweet relief!

4. Oliver has been saying “Mama” like crazy lately, along with “Dada” and “Baby” (bayyy-beee). He’s also beginning to wave, smoosh up his lips for a “kiss” and is definitely grasping the concept of “no” (whether he follows it is, of course, another story). So excited to be hitting these milestones!

5. I may or may not have started my Christmas shopping spreadsheet — along with said holiday shopping. As a list-loving American, this is the only way I can keep myself organized. Despite my good intentions, I was one of those people scrambling last-minute to finish shopping last year . . . and I wound up bulk-ordering on Amazon to just officially say I was done. Let me shout it loud and proud: I AM NOT doing that this year! Like, seriously. I want to enjoy the heck out of the holidays and not feel the rampant anxiety that consumed me last year, ’cause we all know that is not what it’s about. So I’ve already purchased a few things and scribbled down ideas for others. I feel better already.

Happy weekend, friends! And thanks for staying with me during the long write meg! drought. I find my creative juices stymied by exhaustion so much lately that it’s hard to put fingers to keyboard. But I’m not going anywhere. ❤

11 thoughts on “Five things on Friday

  1. 1. I love the National Cathedral! It’s such a beautiful place.

    2. I totally agree! I love the summer – but only certain parts. My birthday is this weekend! But, other than that, I’m beyond ready to say so long to the heat and humidity, and welcome the fall with open arms.

    3. That is so exciting! As someone who works in the healthcare field and deals with the insurance companies, I feel for you. I’ve been there with trying to resolve issues with insurance and coverage and all that, too. It feels SO GOOD!

    4. Your son is so adorable! It must be so exciting. My husband and I are still newlyweds, but I’m starting to feel a little bit of baby fever. However, I want to hold out until I finish my paralegal degree next year.

    5.I love lists, and I always try to be proactive about Christmas shopping. I know how it feels to rush and feel stressed! Right now, our main focus is on our house, but Christmas will be here before we know it!

    Enjoy your weekend! I’m wrapping up some things at work, and then I have a three-day weekend ahead. Blood drive at church tomorrow, my birthday on Sunday, and then I’m taking a vacation day on Monday to do a little birthday shopping, lunch with my husband, and maybe even a movie solo!


  2. This is the time of year i dread. Summer is coming to a end way too fast, I like fall, but wish it would stay in the low 70’s. Halloween to New years isn’t the best time of year for me. Its too busy. I am glad that I got rid of my TV, so I won’t have to watch tons of holiday commercial. Good Luck.

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  3. Oh mylanta, I am feeling the exact same way about August. Just this morning, I was thinking to myself that we only have one more month to get through until FALL! And also Halloween which is my number one favorite day of the year and I already requested off from work. 😉

    I am so, so excited to hear about Oliver and all of his amazing milestones! He has come such a long way and you must be so darn proud.

    I totally understand about the blog drought. I want so badly to be blogging more regularly too, but my creative juices are feeling a bit zapped lately. I will of course stick around… you are one of my all time favorite bloggers!


  4. Had to follow this blog. Not only does your writing style appeal but we share the same name 🙂


  5. There’s no shame in starting holiday shopping early. I started maybe in June with my spreadsheet. Trying to shop clearance sales and stock up now. With the exception of my own two-year old son, I’ve finished all the children in my life (2 nephews, and 3 godchildren).


  6. I had one of those bills too that refused to get resolved. There were so many phone calls, so many headaches, so many tantrums on my part. Ugh. I was so glad when it got fixed.

    How wonderful that Oliver has been saying Mama!! I cannot wait to hear those words too, hopefully soon. It’s just like the one thing I want to see happen soon.


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