Sweet pregnant progress

Cookie dough ice cream

Remember how I was once all, Meh, sweets, bleh, whatever, just pass the chips and queso?

Well, I still really love chips and queso. (And salsa. And French onion dip. And anything salty, really.)

But my sweets aversion? Well.

I feel like I’m reaching critical mass in my pregnancy — and still have about nine weeks-ish to go. (Um, did I just state a single digit for the countdown? Yeah, I’m not ready for that.) Just in the last two weeks, I’ve started swelling within an inch of my life — just call me sausage foot — and have actually outgrown some of my maternity tops.

Just let that sink in a minute.

I’ve long resigned myself to not being one of those ladies “with a basketball up her shirt,” and honestly? I’m okay with it. I’m not a skinny girl. But I feel like I’ve gone from “Er, is she pregnant?” to “MY GOD, SHE’S PREGNANT.” in the span of two seconds.

(That Cookie Dough Blast has absolutely nothing to do with it, I’m sure.)

I’m regularly stopped by strangers on the street with kind questions, then avert my eyes from their pitying looks when I inform them that this little guy and I will be hanging out until June. Coworkers have commented on how I look like I’m already “about done,” and I have to laugh.

Because I am, in some ways. But also: I’m not.

While I’ll admit that the constant backaches, poor sleeping habits and inability to get up from couches and beds is a wee bit inconvenient, I am excited to be firmly ensconced here in the third trimester. It’s nice to feel the baby moving all the time, and reassuring to know we’re getting into the final lap of this journey.

We’re less than two weeks from my local baby shower, about a month from Spencer’s birthday and our New York shower, and I’m already working ahead to prepare for maternity leave. We got the nursery painted last week, have been doing some shopping and I’m finally at the point where I feel an urge to stock up on baby clothes. And diapers. And other necessities.

All this to say: I haven’t been doing much non-baby-related stuff lately. Or thinking about much beyond the growing kiddo treating me to 5 a.m. alien kicks each morning.

But I have been reading. And I’ll have reviews heading toward your eyeballs shortly.

Just after I finish this milkshake.


23 thoughts on “Sweet pregnant progress

  1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! That last trimester does suck in many ways, but I *still* miss being able to sit there and feel my baby stretch and move inside me. I say still because it’s been 11 years, and I have never gotten over that sense of emptiness. It remains my favorite thing about pregnancy.

    • While it was very strange at first, I’ve definitely gotten used to it — and can see missing it later on! It’s just nice to know he’s all comfy, secure and in a place I can easily take care of him . . . for the time being. 🙂

      • So happy for you I have two grown daughters age 21 and 24 and I went through the birthing classes with their mom and with my first born I cut the umbilical cord and held her for the first two hours of her life because my wife had to go through a difficult delivery. My firstborn and I have been amazingly close and I just last month travelled 2800 miles to walk her down the Aisle at her wedding to her prince charming and you are going to be fine and its amazing when they are born he will hijack your heart for the next 16 years and you will wonder where the time went. Love this blog.

  2. I remember that feeling too and my son is 22! Unless someone asks my age, and then he is 7 or 8. Enjoy that stage, they grow up so lightening-fast. Good luck and best wishes ——- take care of those swollen footsies.

  3. Haha! I’m several weeks behind you, but I’ve had a major sweets aversion up until about a week and a half ago — all I wanted was chips and dip, french fries, savory things of any kind (those are all still good). Now I want ALL THE CHOCOLATE. And cookies. I may or may not regularly walk across the street during the workday to pick up Cadbury roasted almond chocolate bars for an afternoon fix. And then sneak a handful of Cadbury mini eggs when I get home. And then have a couple of cookies for dessert. Whereas I couldn’t keep anything down in the beginning and lost a bunch of weight, I am now easily packing on the pounds!

    • Erin, I would totally be your preggo Cadbury partner-in-crime. I heard rumblings that someone is having a birthday in another part of the office, and I may or may not “happen to be passing through” when cupcakes are being distributed. Also, it’s my mom’s birthday — so cake tonight! (I’m really out of control.)

  4. I was never a big chocolate fan, but when I was pregnant with my youngest I wanted chocolate everything. My son was a big boy and I’m not a big girl (I’m only 5 feet tall) for the last month and a half I literally could not get up with out help, I could barely drive my car (the steering wheel sat on my huge basketball belly) and everyday people asked me if I was having twins or giving birth tomorrow.

    • Oh dear — you totally feel my pain! I have gotten the “twins” question once already, and I had to bite my tongue from saying something a wee bit off-color . . . sigh. The things folks say to pregnant ladies! And chocolate: yes. All the chocolate.

  5. Same! Although I always craved my favourites, chips, fries, SALT, I loved jelly beans and candy.
    I too still miss the kicks. I can barely remember what it felt like to be pregnant, and it’s only been a year.

    • Salt and I have been BFFs, but I’m trying to curb my ridiculousness a little. I guess if I’m tempering my salt addiction with tons of sweets, well . . . that’s not really good, either? Sigh.

  6. Love your honesty about the pregnancy process. I’ll be there soon, and know so little. Some people try to make me feel better and sugarcoat it, other people just tell me horror stories to be “honest.” Lemme say, if being pregnant means I start to love sweets even more, I’m not going to complain. I have a vision of sending my husband out at 1 am to buy me ice cream because “the baby needs it.”

    • It’s exciting and whacky and nerve-wracking and exhilarating . . . and don’t listen to the horror stories! Honestly, I knew next to nothing about pregnancy before getting pregnant myself — and that ignorance was totally intentional. I just knew that, with too much information, I’d be freaked out and not want to go through with it. Ha! But you’ll figure it out as you go, and figure out what works for you as you go. You will be just fine. 🙂 And yes, those cravings can be interesting! I haven’t sent my husband out on any crazy errands yet, but there’s still time . . .

  7. Nine weeks left?! WOW! How can that be already?

    I know when you’re pregnant and uncomfortable, but also so excited to meet your babe, a few weeks can feel simultaneously long and short! I felt that way many times, but at the end, I’d say it all flew by!

    Enjoy your showers! I had a BLAST at mine, and felt so much love for Caleb even before he was born!

  8. People thought I was cooked at around 8-9 weeks left, too. My husband was astounded at my motivation to go to the store at any time for food.

    Now he’s hiding a sippy cup in his toy garbage truck and refusing real dinner. One can’t anticipate the love until the baby actually is in one’s arms! 🙂

  9. ha ha! Congratulations on the countdown! I was never the “perfect belly” pregnant mom either. I really think I looked like I had 3 babies in there, one in each bum cheek and one in the belly 😉 enjoy that milkshake! 9 weeks will be over before you know it!

  10. Yes, cannot stay away from sweets. I have been craving them for weeks now and easily give in too often. So I can totally relate. Not that I mind it .. In fact, I just finished lunch right now, and wouldn’t it be nice to eat a little something sweet?

  11. Haha! Good luck Meg, babies are magic 🙂 I do have something to ask though, since I am a woman of balance – does anyone else favour neither violently sweet nor violently savoury? I’m totally in love with that grey area in between, where you have to stop and wonder if there is even an English word to describe the happy confusion of your taste buds…

  12. I’m a little envious of you right now — I loved that time that was, well, pregnant with so much change! My only anger came when people “helpfully” told me to ‘sleep now while you can’ — I couldn’t! I was so uncomfortable! So excited for you as you get closer to meeting your baby.

  13. Both my best friend and sister-in-law are eight months pregnant right now. It’s so fun to see them enjoy certain aspects of the stage, but I know they’re both exhausted from lack of sleep. Hang in there you’re almost there!

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