Like sunshine itself

I had a dream that spring arrived overnight, bringing with it clusters of flowers pushing up from their beds and warmth spreading across the crown of my head.

Then I woke up Monday morning to that, shed an icy little tear and shoved my growing girth into some maternity pants. The day must go on.

It’s gotten old, all this cold and dampness, the slush and mess, but I know we’re approaching the bend in the road. It’s almost over. And just a hint of spring can get me through some ugly days.

Fall has historically been my most favorite of all seasons, but something about spring — the melting snow; the freshness; the warm breezes hinting at something more — has really captured my winter-battered heart.

Spencer and I met in March on the first warm day of the season; later this month, we’ll celebrate five years together. We’d arranged our first date through OkCupid — the modern way, you know — and wanted to meet somewhere outside, taking in the first delightful peeks of the summer to come.

We wound up sharing a wrought-iron table at Panera. Though it wasn’t quite warm enough to sit comfortably outdoors, especially with the wind, we were determined. Persistent. And as we started talking, I stopped thinking about the goosebumps on my arms. I’ll never forget sipping a smoothie while this funny, cute guy pushed curls from his eyes in that ridiculous breeze.

Maybe that’s when spring transformed for me: that new sense of change, of excitement; this sudden belief that anything was possible. I fell in love in the spring. After a long stretch of winter, Spencer marched in like sunshine itself.

And we’re almost there again. Almost. Soon the days will grow longer, cherry blossoms will burst open, the salt and brine will slip away from our cars.

Life will bloom again. And in three months, we’ll welcome a new life ourselves.

Bring on the sunshine.

Pink trees

19 thoughts on “Like sunshine itself

  1. I live in Indonesia,it’s a tropical country so well I never know how it feels when the lovely spring breaks the freezing winter but tbh I really love your writing.I love the way you tell everything bout spring and autumn.I hope you gotta share many more stories about magical seasons there,in your homeland!!


  2. I keep telling myself the same thing. Spring will be here soon. Congratulations on you upcoming anniversary!


  3. That really is sweet. But, uh, if you want some spring, come visit in Florida. It is going to be almost 90 today. Which is just WRONG.


  4. So sweet! Happy almost anniversary! I have lived in California my whole life, where there is no such thing as seasons, so it makes me sad that my memories don’t have the added detail of the weather attached to them. When the weather changes here (sometimes daily) it doesn’t really evoke any sort of nostalgia and I think that’s kind of a bummer!


  5. This is adorable! I’m also finding myself wishing spring would hurry up. For disliking winter, I live in the wrong state! HAHA!

    Congratulations on your blessing!


  6. Can’t wait until spring is here this month. Tired of all the snow. Especially since Massachusetts has been hit with snow one storm after another storm.


  7. This brought to me all the feelings that I’ve been missing as Winter has once again come into my little town. Love how you worded it and love the story about you and your husband!


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