Five things on Friday

24 weeks

1. I’m officially in maternity wear 24/7, which probably should have happened a while ago . . . but I was milking the last little bit out of stretchy cardigans and generously-cut tops. But NO MORE. At 25 weeks along (today!), this baby is majorly gaining on me. I have an anterior placenta (eek, sorry to talk about placentas . . .), basically a “mattress” cushioning me from his blows, so movements have been subtle. But in the last week or so, Baby J has apparently gotten big enough for me to feel his frequent cartwheels — and my husband has even felt a jab or two. Very exciting!

2. The cold here in Maryland has gotten ridiculous. I know it’s so cliche to complain about the weather, but seriously. It was 5 degrees this morning, and I think I felt every sting of that. My 11-year-old car has been hating every second of it, and I’ve had frequent, panicky PLEASESTARTPLEASESTART moments with my engine. Also, our driveway still has long icy patches, and ice and clumsy pregnancies don’t mix.

3. I’m back to doing the random-book-shuffle. I start a book; I put it down. I reach for another one; I put it down. I get about 30 pages in before I snuffle and abandon it for something else, hoping the new read will better capture my attention. And . . . then it doesn’t. In the past few days, I’ve started What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn; To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han; and Opposites Attack by Jo Maeder. There’s nothing wrong with any of them; my mood is just weird, apparently? I don’t know. I am, however, still enjoying the audio of The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. It’s intriguing, but definitely makes me glad I’m not a farmer (or a farmer’s wife).

4. Early plans for my baby shower are underway, and I’m getting quite excited about it! We’re actually having it at my house because, logistically, it makes the most sense — but my mom and sister are spearheading the effort. Because I’m obsessed with all things paper, I just designed and ordered the invitations. My new fixation revolves around finding the “right” thank-you cards, so I’ve been stalking Etsy and Amazon for options. I love these, these and these.

pink room

Shelf from Zulily5. And speaking of plans, we’re slowly getting the house decorated. The advice to “finish everything now!” before the baby comes has gotten into our heads, so we’re working on polishing up the office, downstairs bathroom and guest room before Baby J’s arrival. And that’s to say nothing of everything we need to do in the nursery, which is . . . yeah. Pepto Bismol pink. I stalk Zulily (affiliate link) for inspiration daily and finally made a purchase: this cool shelf! I don’t know; it spoke to me. Spencer painted the bathroom a beautiful green, so I’m going with a woodland theme? I’m whacky. And buying weird tchotchkes to put on it is part of the fun.

Happy weekend, friends!

20 thoughts on “Five things on Friday

  1. You look fantastic! I’m glad you are doing well. I hear you about the weather. Just over it. It’s ridiculously cold here in PA. Have fun getting the nursery readyโ€ฆ.one of the best parts! Enjoy it and have a great weekend! (Oh, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is really goodโ€ฆI hope you can finish it!)

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  2. You’re glowing! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love that shelf! Wish I’d seen it while looking for ideas for my son’s LOTR themed nursery. I don’t think both it and the giant map of Middle Earth would both fit on the wall though. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You are rockin’ the maternity fashion world! Very exciting. Baby J will be here before you know it (although it probably doesn’t seem that way some days).

    It’s ridiculously cold here in PA too. I think we all get a pass on complaining about the weather this winter.

    I recently went through a phase like that with the books. Sarah Waters’ THE PAYING GUESTS is helping.


  4. I was obsessed with getting as many things done around the house as I could before Caleb was born! I was a major nester. We did get quite a lot done, but of course there are always a million other house projects waiting in the wings.

    I am in love with that shelf! I’ve decorated my whole house in rustics / primitives and I seriously want to buy that. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. You’re so adorable! So far, I’ve only bought maternity jeans. Everything else is just a few sizes bigger than what I normally wear. What’s your fave place for maternity clothes?


    • Oh my goodness, that house is absolutely adorable. You’re right: it would be weird to actually live there and not anything close to my actual style, but it is beautiful and very impressive!


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