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I knew Babies “R” Us would overwhelm me before I even stepped through the threshold. Like starting our wedding registry years ago, I’m easily paralyzed by having too many options . . . but unlike when we were getting married and creating our household, we have no earthly idea what we actually need for a baby.

That’s where our family, friends and kind readers stepped in. I took many of your suggestions into account as we paced the endless aisles of the baby store, scanning items and staring at bottles, onesies and the like for almost three hours (!). (This registry list was also very helpful.)

My mom and sister came with us, offering moral and educational support, and we found ourselves keeping a running list of what we would have to register for “later”: car seats, changing tables, etc. All the big stuff, basically. We didn’t feel ready to commit to some of the more important items without consulting the vast resources of the Internet . . . so there is more work to do.

But we’ve started. And it felt good to start. Now that we’re about four months from D-Day (Delivery Day, that is), I’m still often stricken with the shocking thought that I am pregnant. And we are having a baby. Every time I get a glimpse of my profile in a mirror, I feel my jaw fall open at the sight of my burgeoning belly. It’s happening slowly . . . but quickly, too? I can’t keep up.

We made a trip out to see my cousin, Karen, and her littlest daughter on Sunday. Braelynn is two months old and as precious as can be. Cradling her was the first time I’d actually held a newborn in . . . well, a long time. Certainly the first time as an adult. When confronted with others’ babies, I usually wave and nervously retreat to a corner. They just seem so fragile.

But this was good practice — for Spencer and me. When I asked Karen if Braelynn could hold her head up, she showed me how to brace the baby to support her neck while lifting her. Walking through their beautiful home was like Babies “R” Us come to life: we saw many of the items we’d registered for in action, which was really helpful.

Spence and I took turns holding the baby, the two of us marveling at the tiny fingers and adorable socked feet. “Can you believe we’re going to have one of these?” I breathed, looking at my husband — but for the first time, this realization was accompanied by more excitement than nerves.

The best was definitely the Fisher-Price swing, which lulled our little cousin to sleep for most of the time we were visiting. Karen gave us a tutorial on that and other items, and I came home to make sure we’d registered for exactly what she has. With two sweet girls under age 2, Karen is my new expert.

Though I still have no concept of the “best” bottle or whether we need a Boppy or a Bumbo or some other B word, we left Karen’s feeling more relaxed and less intimidated. It was great to see the family and spend time together “just because” — something I hope we’ll be able to continue after Baby J is here.

“We’ll be ready for him,” I keep thinking.

And I’m actually starting to believe it.

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  1. You will be ready for your little bundle of joy no matter what! Vance came early so his nursery wasn’t quite done and, you know what, it didn’t matter – he couldn’t have cared less. Savor every moment of this precious time.


  2. It really is overwhelming but a ton of fun too! I just thought of another tip for you. We registered at Target and after the shower, they sent us a 20% off completion coupon to buy whatever was left on the registry and get 20% off. I’m pretty sure Babies R Us does the same thing. We went ahead and registered for everything we could possibly think of so that we could buy the rest of the stuff at a discount including small things like wipes, diapers, diaper pail refill bags, and ointment. So register for everything you think you might buy after the shower too. 🙂


  3. You will do just fine. And I know that it’s overwhelming, especially considering all the equipment that is available today. My word. I was shopping with a baby shower list at BabiesRUs recently and kept thinking, “What the heck is this?”. It’s been a long time since I had a wee one, but I will second the whole swing thing. My sweet, precious daughter was pretty much addicted to it. Doesn’t work for all and not all babies need the soothing, but if your little one does, it’s definitely worth it to try. Enjoy, enjoy!


  4. So exciting! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. FYI, the hospital won’t let you ride in the car with the baby in your arms so make sure you have your infant seat ready to go. Also, most police stations have a cop certified in installing it correctly and he should do it for free, so check with your local police/fire station. Congratulations once again!


  5. Most baby things you will discover that you don’t need. Seriously. It surprised me. Of course, mine are 14 and 16 now and I rarely go down the baby aisle anymore. But a swing? You definitely want one of those! Both my boys loved ours. It was awesome. And a good, sturdy stroller. I also loved the inexpensive receiving blankets. Perfect for throwing on the floor if you put the baby down, or using as an emergency rag and never worrying about ruining them. This is such an awesome time. Savor the moments and enjoy them.


  6. Oh my goodness, what an exciting time for you & your family! Whenever one of my friends gets pregnant for the first time, I’m so intrigued by how she feels, what’s changed, etc. It’s like a big mystery unbeknownst to ladies who have never been pregnant. You look absolutely glowing & I hope the rest of the pregnancy is as enjoyable & full of wonder as the beginning has been 🙂


  7. I think no matter how much you prepare, when the day actually comes you just sorta punt. Because every baby is different. Both of mine had jaundice so they were on these light therapy blankets for the first week of their lives. Didn’t see that one coming. You just fumble your way along with your instruction books in hand. Definitely a stroller, pack and plays are handy (mine slept in them next to our bed for awhile), swings are a lifesaver, and above all else, a Diaper Genie.


  8. So exciting! You look great. You’ll be ready. It will all come together. You may be sleep deprived, but it will be the best adventure. I told you about that swing!!! It’s a life-saver and a must have. Hope you are feeling well! Enjoy this exciting time!


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