One beautiful year


Monday marked one year of marriage — and in my typical fashion as of late, I’m behind the times. Eternally behind the times. But I’m here! And I certainly haven’t forgotten!

You know, we really thought we lucked out with the weather that day: mild, bright and breezy, with temperatures in the mid-60s and plenty of warmth in the sun. As I’m obsessive-compulsive even when I’m not planning a life-changing event for 150 people, I’d checked the Farmer’s Almanac average temperatures like a lunatic in the months leading up to our wedding day. An outdoor wedding in November? Who does that? But their warm predictions held true.

What I remember most about that day was my anxious excitement to see Spencer. And the way that I managed, after months of planning and obsessing, to actually stay in the moment. That elusive idea — that I enjoy the now — is something I’ve tried to cultivate for years. It’s very easy for me to agonize about the future and analyze the past, leaving me clinging to little in the present.

The seconds that come back to me clearly are the times I was actually alone: driving myself from the hair salon to our apartment, then getting my brother-in-law to pick me up headed to the venue; nibbling on a sandwich in the bridal suite when the entire crew went outside to rehearse the ceremony.

I just kept thinking, I’m getting married! And it was all surreal until the moment I stepped out in my gown and red shoes to see Spencer, waiting for me on a shady veranda where we glimpsed each other for the first time.

Dance floor kiss

And we danced. We danced so much. I remember joking with our photographers ahead of time that they were going to be hard-pressed to get any shots of me on the dance floor. Unless under, you know, extreme duress.

But that is . . . not exactly how it played out. Of all the surprises, our endless cutting-a-rug-ness surprised me the most. Not because of my groom, of course — Spence loves to break it down — but me? I’ve never danced so much — and with such reckless abandon — as I did that night, and I love remembering the silliness and happiness that propelled us over and over again. The feeling of having all your loved ones around you, cheering and clapping and smiling, really was intoxicating.

Cake cutting

So what have we learned more than 365 days into this beautiful, crazy thing? For me, I wondered if marriage would “feel different” — like waking as one person and emerging another. Almost immediately after the ceremony, I was greeted as “Mrs. Johnson” . . . and I thought, That’s it? Just like that: in one way, out another?

Though it was strange at first, I love being a Mrs. — and rarely slip up and sign the old name. After 28 years as a Snider, I figured the transition would be rocky. I’d have moments of uncertainty, moments of longing to perhaps return to what was familiar and “normal” and true.

But I haven’t. Spence and I quickly developed a new normal — a normal for us — and often laugh at what feels like our “never-ending sleepovers.” After living at home until the ripe ol’ age of 28, I thought I would panic at the idea of changing residences . . . but we’ve actually moved again, of course, and I’ve adjusted. Very, very well.

Spencer and I are a team. Marriage does feel different — because I know someone is constantly in my corner, always waiting with the porch light on. Asking about boring things like what I had for lunch. Sipping coffee next to me, still in pajamas, and happily wandering grocery store aisles on Monday nights.


The past year has been filled with laughter and challenges, joy and a little stress. Buying our first home (and renovating said home), moving again, vacationing in California, celebrating our first holidays as a married couple . . . and heading into 2015, life will change and evolve and expand again.

Though we can never know what’s in store for us, I know one thing for sure: I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. It really is a beautiful thing to know, deep in my soul, that I’ve married my best friend. I look forward to the months and years and decades to come . . .

. . . one popcorn-filled, hot chocolate-swilling sleepover at a time.


37 thoughts on “One beautiful year

  1. Beautiful. Happy Anniversary! It was a honor to be part of your wedding day. It is hard to believe a year has already gone by! What a wonderful day…
    Love to you both.


  2. This post brought tears to my eyes. Lovely.
    I just got engaged, myself. I, too, must focus on living in the ‘now’ when it comes. Meditation brings me closer to being aware of the ‘now.’
    By the way, I LOVE the idea of red shoes with a white dress.
    You looked gorgeous.


  3. Happy Aniversary! It’s actually an amazing journey, with it’s ups and downs but most important its to go through that journey with your best friend, with you soulmate. And yoy learn something new about yourself everyday.


  4. I love your story, me and my Husband been married for three months and it couldnt be better. thanks for sharing this wonderful story, i am looking forward to read some more of your posts!


  5. Wow!!! What a beautiful text!!! Congratulations to you and your Spencer! I wish you keep this lovely feeling of joy and love and care in your marriage life!! ❀ Happy Anniversary!!! \o/


  6. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful photos! I just had my one-year anniversary this past October and felt like I could relate to your words so much, we are very lucky. It is a great sign to feel like it’s an ‘endless sleepover’. Best of wishes!


  7. Happy Anniversary ! I loved the red shoes!!! It made me add up how many days I have been married … 8125 (or 22 years 2 months 29 days 1 hour 51 minutes exactly!)


  8. I saw the post when you got married. LOVED your photos and esp the red shoes. November was the month I got married 2 years ago. And I certainly know how it feels to marry your best friend πŸ™‚


  9. This post just makes me so incredibly happy! I’m so glad you found your true love in Spence. I hope one day I’ll have a love like this! What an amazing year you two have had. Here’s to so many more! xoxoxo


  10. Happy Anniversary! And what a beautiful post! I felt the same way after my marriage – I wasn’t sure how it will change much and how much, but now I cannot imagine being without my better half.


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