Hot cocoa before the sparkly season

Hot chocolate

Oh, the comfort we find in a cup.

The leaves are mostly fallen, blanketing the back yard and deck. Winds over the weekend pushed most of them into the woods and stripped the branches of any hold-outs, but a few stragglers remain. A cold snap this week has us digging out jackets and scarves, but the afternoons are still warm. It’s the best of both worlds.

I made hot chocolate on Sunday — my first cup of the season. Loaded with marshmallows. Rich and decadent. It’s not a treat I’d usually create or reach for, but it felt just right that morning with a chilly breeze tapping against the windows. I couldn’t even wait for it to cool.

Now that a successful Halloween is behind us (20 trick-or-treaters!), I must confess to already being in holiday mode. I’m planning my Christmas shopping, crafting spreadsheets, drafting Thanksgiving menus. My aunt has already sent out an invite to her annual cookie exchange, and I sent a “save the date” to friends for a holiday gathering in December.

This year will be a little different: we’re in our new house, soon to be celebrating our first wedding anniversary (on Monday!) and looking forward to crafting new traditions. Well, for the most part . . . I’m excited and nervous in equal measure. It can be hard for me to let go of what was in favor of the unfamiliar.

But I’m ready to try.

Spence and I recently organized our Christmas boxes in the basement, corralling them from every corner and loading up a closet with sparkly treasures. I was half-tempted to just leave them in a heap, given we’ll be bringing them up in just a few weeks, but it felt good to get organized — however briefly. I like gazing at all that red and green, picturing where a candy cane village or gingerbread house will go.

I’ve been decorating this house in my imagination since we stepped in last March. Hard to believe the season is nearly upon us . . . and though I don’t want to rush Thanksgiving, which I love, I must admit to already greeting Santa in my mind.

It’ll be a good year. I can feel it.

7 thoughts on “Hot cocoa before the sparkly season

  1. It’s finally been cold here the past few days. We even had rain, praise God! We had hot chocolate on Sunday, too. 🙂 I am so ready to decorate for Christmas and so are my girls. We have to hold off for a couple more weeks though because my husband wouldn’t like having all the decorations out this soon. I’ve been crocheting Christmas ornaments, though so that’s helping. 🙂

    Happy early anniversary!


  2. I had some hot chocolate this evening too! Though I opted for whipped cream as opposed to marshmallows. Congrats on your anniversary, and I’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog! I’m a big fan of eating and reading myself…:)

    Amanda //


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