Well, hi

Fall color

I hate to break the fourth wall and go all “sorry I haven’t been blogging,” but sorry I haven’t been blogging. Between getting sick last week, battling through general exhaustion and a few grueling projects at work, my head has been all over the place and, quite honestly, I’m just trying to muddle through.

That sounded a little more depressing than I intended. Everything is okay! I am good! But I’m tired and sort of boring right now, though I anticipate having some fun stories to share with you soon. And probably some pictures . . . once I get my camera batteries charged again. I’m slacking.

How are the leaves where you are? Because here, friends, they’re kind of sucking. Most of the trees behind the house have uniformly shed their leaves without much color change at all, leaving us with all of the yard work and none of the beauty. Which is pretty terrible, actually. I’m still waiting for “real” fall to begin . . . it’s been muggy, stormy and weird. I need my autumn breezes.

So, yes — going to try and get my act together. I miss you guys. I miss having mildly entertaining and/or whacky things to talk about. I’m optimistic — cautiously? — that I’ll get back into the groove soon.

Until then, I’ll be on the couch.


18 thoughts on “Well, hi

  1. I dunno what the heck is up with this fall…. up and down weather and such weird swings. BLAH. But – the leaves here are rather spectacular. I just don’t have the energy to check them out. Baaaad me.

  2. Our fall consisted of like two feet of rain and 90 degree weather, until here just recently. Now we have had a “cold front” of 80 degree weather and nights in the low 60’s. Hey, that is as good as it gets in Florida, and NO we have no leafage. Blah. Sorry you have been feeling crappy but it happens. We all understand.

  3. Across the pond here in the UK, we are experiencing the weirdest fall or autumn for us 🙂 After plummeting temperatures last week, we’re back to 67F, which is almost summer again for this country! The leaves have turned red and golden but the heating in the houses has been switched off again…

  4. The leaves here in Lexington, KY are falling. Their color is hit or miss this year. It is warm now, but temps are falling. It has also been a “moist” fall. Since we live in an apartment complex we don’t have to worry about the leaves, and this is something I miss. Glad you are feeling better. Don’t worry – you will get back into the swing of things before you know it!

  5. I hear ya. So far this season I’ve had two totally heinous and miserable cold/viruses. And since I’m preggars, I have to deal with it cold turkey and it takes me forever to kick them. Then last week, I fell going down the stairs and busted my foot. I spent all week at home going stir crazy. So yeah chica, I hear ya and feel for you. Hope you’re better soon.

  6. The leaves HAVE been sucking and the weather has been so weird. There are a few bright trees, a FEW, to make me happy, but otherwise, what a weird, gray fall. Let’s plan a coffee/lunch/dinner date soon for something to look forward to? When you’re feeling better, of course!

  7. I hear ya! Had a sick toddler for 2 weeks and it sucks. We’re on the other side of the world where it’s spring – beautiful lavender jacaranda everywhere. Grateful to be out of the house this morning!

  8. Fall has been pretty strange this year, although I’ve explored it in a few different places and the leaves tend to vary. I was in Princeton, NJ yesterday and the foliage was simply amazing. I couldn’t stop staring. But around me? Not as much. It seems we’re hitting the peak week right around now, so hopefully things will get a little more vibrant in this area.

  9. Fall has been weird here too! We drove along the Blue Ridge parkway yesterday and while there were plenty of yellows and oranges and reds, it’s not as vibrant as it has been in past years. I hope that’s just coming soon and not done for this year.

  10. Is it terrible to say that lately I just really haven’t wanted to blog? Like, at all. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve noticed it a lot in the blogosphere lately – I think we all sometimes just get ‘blah’ and need to take a little break 🙂

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