Five things on Friday


1. I’m totally cheating on my beloved coffee lately, and . . . you know what? I’m okay with it. Most mornings find me hovered over the Keurig making a chai tea latte — just brewed chai with milk — and it’s my new obsession. Have you tried chai? Are you a tea drinker? If not, consider this your invitation! And if you’re feeling really fancy, add cinnamon. It’s totally like the delicious drink at Panera Bread and Panera is also my happy place.

2. Speaking of Panera, I took myself to lunch yesterday! In an effort to stay on budget and watch how much we’re eating out (er, often), I’ve been trying to limit my weekday work lunches to leftovers and soup. Which is fine, you know . . . most of the time. But sometimes? One gets a hankering for kettle chips. And soup. And chipotle sauce. And when that happens, there’s only one thing to do — so I did it. No regrets.

3. After confessing to my book rut earlier this week, I’ve actually found my interest in reading has been making a turn-around! I’m halfway through Samantha Verant’s Seven Letters From Paris — a fun memoir for francophiles — and just started Stephanie Perkins’ Isla and the Happily Ever After. The latter is a library book, so I’m trying to stay motivated; because it’s such a hot item, I doubt I’ll be able to renew it. And if we get to crunch time before it’s due, I will stay up all night because no. Returning an enjoyable library book half-read is torture.

4. Is it really bad for me to admit I started Christmas shopping already? I actually have three gifts hidden away for the holidays. I’m something of a gift-giving nut — I love, love to pick out presents — and it’s giving me a “project.” Now that the house is (mostly) put together and the wedding is over, I’m finding myself rather idle. Planning for the holidays is definitely a way to

5. In my travels over at Etsy, I’ve fallen in love with this print and this one and also this quote, probably because we married in November and I’m a fall fanatic. I’m pretty sure I need one or all of them, but I’ll refrain and be a good girl.

For now.

Happy weekend, friends!

18 thoughts on “Five things on Friday

  1. Heck no! It is not to early to Christmas shop. I’m doing it. You know what they say? The early bird gets the worm. And then later has less stress if you ask me.

    Those prints are stunning.

    I adore Etsy. I keep not so secretly hoping I get a gift card to Etsy for Christmas. They do those right?


  2. I’m a tea drinker since the coffee at work is not my favorite. Chai tea lattes are amazing but I have never tried one outside of Starbucks, let alone tried to make it myself!


  3. I’ve been Christmas shopping for MONTHS! There’s just something about finding the perfect gift for someone and getting to see their face when they open it.


  4. I love chai tea lattes! But this time of year, I’m all about the pumpkin spice latte. Ha! Ok, so a Panera just opened up right across from my work. So dangerous! I can’t get enough of their brocolli cheese soup, even though it’s so bad for me.


  5. Chai tea is like my crack! I only wish I could find a decent place where I live that makes it. Really makes, you know? Most places I have been to just has the pre-made mixtures and it is not the same! Great post!


  6. I haven’t started shopping for Christmas yet, but I’ve got it 99% planned! Knitting socks for grandpa, buying a book for Dad, and going for a manicure with Mom. Gift giving is pretty much my new favorite thing.


  7. I’ve got several Christmas gifts on order or already squirreled away! It takes time to find good gifts, especially if you’ve got a long list!!


  8. Mmmmm… Chai Tea is amazing. Have the urge to make a cup after reading your post. I have just start to put a list together and planning Christmas gifts, but haven’t done any actual shopping. I suppose I better start soon as I plan to do a few drawings as gifts. First I need to get through a few more birthdays.


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