Powering through a powerful rut


Hi, I’m Meg, and it’s been three weeks since my last book review.

Have I stopped reading? Nope. I mean, kind of, but I’m still holding a book in my hands every single day. I’m a bit all over the place and can barely concentrate, but I am most definitely still reading. Even if it’s just a few paragraphs at a time.

After my library sent me a cheery note that my hold had arrived, I made a special trip Saturday to pick up a copy of Stephanie Perkins’ Isla and the Happily Ever After because I’ve been in a rut, cycling through endless novels while committing to nothing, and I thought it would help?

Young adult is a good rut-buster, I think. Melissa discussed this recently and I was nodding along, thinking yep yep yep, because it’s been so long since I finished a non-audio book, friends.

So long. Embarrassingly long.

Why? I don’t know. I have a lot on my mind, yes, what with work and the house and a busy fall and change. But this has happened before, and my beloved novels are typically the place into which I escape and find solace and zone out.

But lately? Something has changed. I am s-s-s-slumped in a big way. Even with my fancy new reading chair and a functioning home library, I’m the pathetic mess who is plunked down in front of the TV with a big bag of Tostitos instead.

It’s bad. I know.

I am a reader through and through — a lit lover to my core. Nothing will ever separate me from books for too long. But for now? For the moment? I’d love your tips on getting back into a reading groove. Better yet: tell me the best book you’ve read lately! Preferably something entertaining and/or funny that will grab me by my shirt collar and refuse to let go.

I trust you. Let’s beat this together.

19 thoughts on “Powering through a powerful rut

  1. I get out of ruts by reading graphic novels, because I guess they are quicker reads and tickle that other side of the brain. But if you want to read an easy, fast-paced novel, read Jojo Moyes “One Plus One’. Totally adorable love story mixed with wacky road trip. For something a little more thought-provoking that was written by an adorable waif of a girl who has now found herself a nominee for the National Book Prize this month? “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel. Those were my reads last week and I swear it saved my sanity.


  2. I found a book club. It gave me a group of people to discuss books with and a deadline to finish a book by. Do you know if there are any online book clubs—with a blog or forum? As far as recent favorite book (quick read that I’d read again in a heart beat), Replay.


  3. I’m a bit scattered myself these days. First of all, I say don’t stress about it – you’ll come back to your books. I really liked Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. It’s not great literature but I couldn’t put it down.


  4. Lady Parts by Andrea Martin is hilarious. She is brutally honest and absolutely wonderful. If you’re looking for something fiction, I would recommend The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel not so much a funny book, but beautifully written and covered.


  5. I really, really enjoyed “A Little Something Different” (Hall) and “Let’s Get Lost” (Alsaid), reading them both very quickly and hating when I had to stop and, you know, go back to work 😉

    “Alias Hook” (Jensen) was also engrossing, but in a very different way … I didn’t *love* it like I did the other two, but it kept me reading because it was so very different from the Neverland I have in my head … It’s a darker read though, not nearly as fun/happy/love-y


  6. I also just read Storied Life of A.J. Fickry, loved it, read it so quickly. Really liked The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. I enjoyed This is Where I Leave You, and the movie just came out so I’m thinking I may have to stop by and see that just because.


  7. I totally know what you mean. I read three books in one week when we were on vacation but since getting back two and a half weeks ago, I’ve only read about 10% of my curent book (according to my kindle). Sometimes when I’m in a rut, I like short, humorous fiction to break out of it. Christopher Moore is a good option for that. I’m also reading Devil in the White City right now, which is neither fiction or humor but it’s fascinating nonetheless.


  8. If you’re looking for YA quick read — Hunger Games is always good a 2nd, 3rd time through; and you’ll be prepared for the next movie in November. There’s also The a Hobbit — familiar works to get you back in the habit.


  9. “Good Omens” By Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. I promise it will be well worth your time. Do it! Also “Boneshaker” By Cheri Priest. A gritty Steam-punk finish on the late 19th century rendition of Seattle. Complete with zombies, Airships and a wicked heroine mom/son leading character combo. Overnight she jumped to the top ten of my favorite current author list, but that’s just me. Get it!

    As for tips on getting back into the ‘reading groove’, I only really have a couple I suppose.
    1: Read a little bit at a time. ( I lack an actual deep and fulfilling social life so I read and write constantly throughout the week. But for people with “lives”, the bit-by-bit philosophy totally works.)
    2: “Study” a book. For example, I’m currently writing a handful of short stories, all of which are along the same genre/s, and all of which I hope to combine at some point into a much larger short story. But, mixing steam-punk, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi is tricky to say the least. (So technically I’m “reading”, but more or less picking apart phrases, descriptions, metaphors and the like in books of each genre in an attempt to mix them successfully into something that isn’t entirely unlike an actual story! It’s a labor of love, but I do read more because of it.

    That’s all I can really say on the matter, without giving you a million ideas for books to read, but mostly I’d say just do it. Hope it helps! 😀


  10. Are you going to do a review for “Isla”? I’ll be curious to hear what you think. My friend and I read it and our reactions were not what we expected.


  11. I’ve been in a slump myself lately and I really hate admitting it out loud. I feel like I’m betraying my books, lol. But, I’ve been “hearing” this a lot lately from other book bloggers/tubers. Maybe it’s the time of year. The last book I read that was just awesome was Eleanor and Park. I read it in one sitting and loved every word.


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