Five things on Friday


1. Are these or are these not the most adorable stamps you’ve ever seen? We know I’m a mail nerd, so it should come as no surprise that I’m positively geeking out over them — but really. Sunflowers and vegetables and adorable baskets on a stamp. I just sort of look at and pet them, and then I put them on love letters. Or letters to my grandma, ’cause that’s how I roll.

2. I’m in the middle of no less than three books right now (one on Kindle; one print; one audio), but that didn’t stop me from starting Gabrielle Zevin’s The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry because Patti recommended it and y’all gushed about it — and what can I say? The power of persuasion. Though I started my other reads days or weeks ago, I’m almost finished with A.J. — and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Very charming.

3. We haven’t done much cooking lately, but have somehow been feeding ourselves . . . I’m thinking mostly off of frozen skillet meals, leftovers and the occasional dinner out (with more leftovers). But we did make slow cooker beef stew on Tuesday, and it turned out quite delicious. I took zero photos, though, so you’ll have to take my word for it? Sorry about that. #bloggerfail

4. Now that the library is coming along and my books are nestled in their new nook, I’m preoccupied with finding the perfect comfy reading chair. I was standing in the doorway last night, trying to picture this piece of furniture or that while cradling my laptop, and I’m pretty sure this is the one since I keep thinking about it. I want the vibe in there to be fun, funky and colorful — like all the spines of our books — and think it will fit well? But I’m so gun-shy about actually ordering it. Another adult milestone I have yet to cross: buying furniture. (Everything we have was passed along by family or purchased by Spencer pre-marriage.)

5. It’s almost craft fair season, y’all! Is that a thing where you are? Here in Southern Maryland, firehouses, churches and halls will soon fill with crafters selling home decor, jewelry, candles, Christmas stuff . . . and I will love every second of it. Hitting the many craft fairs is a family pastime in the fall, and I actually have a place for my craft fair finds these days. I don’t want to be broke, either, but I’m ridiculously excited about it.

Happy weekend, friends!

13 thoughts on “Five things on Friday

  1. Yes, here in Kentucky many festivals are in full swing with crafts and crafters encouraging money from my pocket.

    I love this list-post and you kept it interesting and happy, which is another thing I love about your blog. Are Fridays going to be Five Things Friday or something like that?

    Oh, and we have pumpkins everywhere here in Lexington. I thought you would like to know they are making the rounds.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Meg!


    • Thank you so much, Henrietta! I do plan on having the “Five things on Fridays” posts up at least twice a month, maybe more, as they’re fun and light and a nice way to cap off crazy weeks. So excited to hear about the pumpkins getting around . . . ’tis the season, and I am so happy!


  2. Those stamps are SO cute! Did they have them at your post office? I kind of want to get some for myself! And I love that chair you found for your library! I have a rug in my kitchen that is a really similar color and pattern and I like it more and more. Plus that chair you want is on sale right now! I think that means it’s meant to be : )


  3. Hi Meg,

    I live in DC, so Southern Maryland isn’t too far. What craft fairs do you go to and what kinds of items do you usually purchase at them! Would love some suggestions, and we’re always looking for a fun new weekend activity!


  4. The stamps are lovely!! I need to get some, especially as they are the forever ones!

    As for the chair, I would not order it. It looks fine, but when the main criteria is comfy for reading, I think you need to sit in it before buying. That is my opinion on furniture:)


  5. That chair looks great. My one recommendation prior to purchase: sit in it. It needs to feel comfortable as well as look lovely, right? … And those stamps are fab. Haven’t seen them before, but now I’m on the search.


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