Happily 29


Almost-29, shorter-hair selfie

So, my 28th year was a pretty wild one.

July and August were spent with nonstop planning and prep for two weddings.

In September, I stood at my sister’s side as she tied the knot.

I moved out of my parents’ house for the first time in October, and made all those last-minute preparations for our own nuptials — then married my sweetheart on an absolutely gorgeous, unforgettable day in November. I officially became a Johnson.

December found us celebrating our first married Christmas, and the long winter months from January to March were eventually broken by fun trips to Canada in April and California in May.

Speaking of . . . we bought our house two months ago! Then moved in June, welcoming Spencer’s parents for a week as we transplanted everything we own and tried to maintain our sanity. We’re still recovering.

Now it’s July again . . . and today is my 29th birthday! It’s crazy to think I’m entering the final year of my twenties, that infamous decade filled with indecision, heartbreak, healing, growth and near-constant change . . . an era that transformed me from a young woman to a full-fledged, allegedly adult adult. One complete with a marriage license and mortgage.

Astounding, actually.

Especially since the house purchase, you know, I’m feeling settled. In a good way. Just four weeks ago, we were staring down a huge financial undertaking, preparing to change residences and generally all over the place. I was emotional and freaked out and crazy-feeling, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get myself together.

And then I kind of did.

It’s funny how that happens, isn’t it? We may not even notice the shift. Everything starts to come together, bit by bit, and the rooms that were stacked high with boxes are emptying. All the nervousness and worry I’d been carting around for months has started to dissipate . . . maybe reassemble on shelves, where I can see it but find it less daunting. The fear I’ve worn like a backpack has begun to lighten.

As I enter the final year of a life-changing decade, I don’t find myself gripped by any of the sadness I thought I might. It’ll be weird to cross the threshold to 30 next year, no doubt — and I’m sure the next decade will bring more shake-ups. And a growing family, I hope.

But I’m not there quite yet.

And right here? It’s definitely where I want to be.

26 thoughts on “Happily 29

  1. LOVE the new hair. You look like a completely different person from some of your early photos. Happier and more energetic. Hopefully you feel that way too!


  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Meg!! The past year has been very good to you! From a much older perspective, changes keep happening, slowly and surely and it looks like you’re in the best place possible. I hope you and Spencer (and family) celebrate in the best of ways…cake included! xo


  3. Happy Birthday Meg! I just found your blog tonight, and I’m glad I did. Here’s to a wonderful next year! Adding you to my feedly now 😉


  4. It’s so great to see how comfortable and settled you are becoming (not like physically, although that may be true too, but more emotionally grounded). You seem so confident and ready to take on what’s next. I love it! Happy birthday!


  5. Happy belated birthday! I’m a new follower of yours and I love your blog. It’s so cool. You sound lovely. I’m turning 28 in October; thanks for making me feel okay about that. I guess good things will come my way maybe? 28 doesn’t seem so scary now. Big hugs!


  6. Happy belated birthday (although I think I sent you come birthday love on Instagram on the actual love). I am just overfilled with happiness for you. You’ve definitely had quite a year but it really is great to take a look back and see all that you’ve conquered. And that adult feeling you’ve mentioned, I’m eagerly anticipating when I’ll finally slip into it!


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