Just a little post for Mom

Great Falls in 2011

Visiting Great Falls in 2011

Some of my earliest memories of Mom are wrapped around Sunday afternoons. Always a working woman, Mom has always devoted the weekends — usually Sundays — to getting her wardrobe ready for the week. When I think of those early days, I remember the smell of spray starch and the slow hiss of the iron gliding over fabric; I think of the low laugh track of a television show as I stood nearby, gazing longingly at Mom’s jewelry.

We called it “The Necklace Game” — and it was less a game and more of a, well, a shameless chance to admire her baubles. At 3 or 4, I was ham-fisted and clumsy in the way all young children are — and I can still see the thick tangles of necklaces hanging from a jewelry rack on my parents’ dresser. I tried to pull them apart, to separate them, but they were stuck. Inextricably tied together.

Like Mom and me. When my younger sister was born, we were a happy family of four. I’d hope that most of us would declare that we love our parents, without hesitation, but I also feel fortunate to like them, too. As Katie and I have gotten older, their roles may have shifted more to friend than parent — but I still look to Mom and Dad for advice, comfort and support.

That’s just the way it goes.

My mom is an excellent photographer, a tireless (but tired!) worker, a loyal friend. She’s organized, collected and calm in nearly every situation, and I’ve learned so much about having a backbone from her. She’s the precious collector of our family’s stories, the historian who has preserved so many memories for all of us — and she would do anything for her family. Anything. And we’d do anything for her!

We don’t say it often enough, so I’ll shout it from the digital rooftops: we love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day weekend. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

And to all the mothers reading, whether your children are here or in your heart, thanks for being outstanding. Love and hugs!

P.S. Thank you all so, so very much for your packing tips on yesterday’s post. They were all incredibly helpful, and I felt relieved — and inspired! — enough to actually start tackling different corners last night. We made some good progress, and I’m very thankful for your encouragement!

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your Mom. It is a wonderful post and I wish you a special Mother’s Day. Your good wishes are appreciated. 🙂


  2. felicidades por este maravilloso dia, realmente una madre es una madre y siempre se le pelea por que estuvimos 9 meses en sus entrañas yes algo maravilloso que dios nos regalo LA VIDA al lado de una persona especial, feliz dia de las madres.


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