The magic of being out after dark


Spence and I went out last night — after working all day.

To Annapolis, a 50-minute cruise from home.

On a Wednesday.

To a loud, awesome concert.

It was . . . weird. Very fun. I felt young and old all at once, being out “past my bedtime” a good drive from home, sipping a cherry blossom lager that tasted like joy and smiling at my husband.

My husband. It still catches me sometimes . . . in a great way.

At 28, I often feel like the oldest young person I know. It’s not unusual to find me collapsed on the couch by 9:30 p.m., snoozing in a very unladylike fashion with a home show playing softly in the background. Back in college, I was a night owl constantly burning the midnight oil — because I had to. Commuting to school with a full course load and working part-time at the bookstore until far after dark, I got used to a rigorous schedule and running on fumes.

But things have changed. I’ve gotten more comfortable, perhaps a little lazier. I work full-time and “clock out” at 5 p.m., when we spend our evenings doing this and that. Without the chaos of year-long wedding planning times two, I find myself with so much free time now.

I love it, really. And it also makes early nighttime snoozes possible . . . but through this cold, cold winter, I’ve felt a little restless.

That’s why Wednesday night felt good — great, even. Live music. Good company. Chatting with strangers. Being out. After being encrusted with snow and ice for so long, even in the cold night air? It made me feel alive.

I remembered the early days when Spencer and I went to Annapolis just a month after we met, walking around the city for his birthday and still getting to know each other. He actually bought me a copy of Nicole Atkins’ album — the woman we saw perform last night — at a Borders that was still in business then. We listened to it the whole way home, the words pouring warm through our opened windows.

Four years later, I know all those songs by heart.

9 thoughts on “The magic of being out after dark

  1. I fell asleep last night reading at 10 minutes after 9:00. I’m a disaster. This is a great reminder that sometimes it is fun to do something out of the ordinary, different from the routine.


  2. This is so great! It’s weird that when I was younger all I wanted was freedom and to stay out as late as I wanted. But now I have all the freedom I want, but just want to stay in. If I told you I spent my Wednesday night going to bed at 8:45, would you believe me? Haha!


  3. What a cute post. I feel like me and my fiance, too, are coming out of winter hibernation slowly.

    On Tuesday I went to a 9pm concert with some girlfriends. It felt almost mischievous to head downtown on a “school” night.


  4. This is lovely! I’ve had a few of these moments lately…that show me how much my life has changed or emphasize the differences now. I went to a work event an hour away a couple of nights ago and couldn’t get home until 11pm. Because I was by myself it was irritating and exhausting, but if I’d had David with me it probably would’ve been enthralling. On the flipside, he’s out of town until tomorrow and I’ve discovered I cannot sleep without him in the house. And neither can the dogs. And neither can my son. Ugh! lol


  5. I’m with you — most nights, I’m passed out by 10pm. Whenever my boyfriend and I go out “on a work night”, it feels special… almost risque! I hate to say that since I’m only 28, but it’s rare we go out during the week, after dark.


  6. Aww, what a sweet post. It is an incredible thing to marry your best friend. 7.5 years after I first met my husband, I still sometimes feel like I need to pinch myself. Love is such a lucky thing. 🙂 xo


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