Five things on Friday


1. It’s spring! According to the calendar, anyway. I made my inaugural spring-is-here Slurpee run yesterday and surprised my office friends with a treat. It felt so good to sip that sweet nectar when it isn’t 30 degrees outside. Also, thank God it’s no longer 30 degrees.

2. Speaking of spring, I also broke out my John Mayer albums on my drive home yesterday. John transitions the seasons for me. The old stuff, I’m talking — “Continuum,” the Trio set, his live sets. I sang “Good Love Is On the Way” at the top of my lungs and remembered a time when it gave me such comfort and hope. “I’ll be lonely but I know I’ll be okay . . .”

3. And speaking of not being lonely, four years ago today I walked into a coffee shop and saw a smiling, curly-haired man striding toward me. That was my Spencer. ❀ It’s our date-aversary! And though we now have an official anniversary to celebrate in November, I can’t let today go by without acknowledging that fateful afternoon. Love you, Spence!


4. Lipstick. I’m so into it right now. I received the new Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in an Influenster box and am obsessed with how glam it made me feel . . . even if I was dead-exhausted and already in my pajamas when I checked the mail. Lipstick is just such a grown-up thing to wear, you know? Until I went on my great hunt for the perfect shade for the wedding, I’d never paid it much mind. Things have changed. I love this pink! And it is very moisturizing, I must say.

Not exactly transfer-proof, though . . . tread carefully!

Spence with kiss

5. I ate muffins every day this week. These, in particular, and I’m now contemplating making healthy-ish muffins in batches every weekend so I can watch “The Pioneer Woman” on my DVR before work and stuff my face with baked goods. Everyone knows you can’t watch a cooking show without something on which to nosh, and I eat enough fruit during the day. Muffins all the time.

13 thoughts on “Five things on Friday

  1. Aww, Happy Date-aversary!

    And I feel ya with the spring temps. I am so glad that warm(er) weather is on it’s way! Maryland has had quite enough of winter.


  2. Happy dating anniversary! That’s is so fun! Spring is the perfect time to fall in love too. I am obsessed with John Mayer in the summer too! I love his newest album, if you haven’t listened to it yet. So relaxing and chill. Love that lipstick color too : )


  3. Love that color…lipstick becomes very addictive…I have winter colors and summer ones and I tend to buy two of everything …one for my bag and one to keep with my makeup stuff…I wear it all of the time!


  4. LOVE the color.
    We celebrate our dating anniversary too!
    Not with gifts or anything but we do love to go out for a romantic “just us” night.


  5. That is a great color on you. I have yet to find the perfect lipstick for me.
    I think it is time to introduce my daughter to Slurpees! Bet she will love it.

    Can’t say I agree with your love of John Mayer, but am glad it is getting you into the mood for spring. πŸ™‚


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