Home sweet (future) home


I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret. Not for very long, mind you, so you can’t really be upset with me.

It’s been, like, four days.

And this is after I kept our house search to myself for a few months . . . mostly because there wasn’t much to report.


But now? We got the house!

The bank accepted our offer on a property about ten minutes from where we live now and, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be heading to settlement in late April (!).

It’s a four-bedroom with three and a half baths, a full basement, a bit of land. And room for my library! (A LIBRARY!) Basically, everything we’ve been talking about for years — and in the area we want to be in. Most importantly, it was in our budget.

Basically, a miracle.

Our first house!

And we’ll be moving.

Honestly, since we learned we’d won the bidding war and took my mom to see it (Dad was with us the first go ’round), it hasn’t really felt real. Despite the copious amounts of paperwork we’ve already signed, part of me is still holding my breath waiting for the “sure thing” sensation to wash over me . . . which probably isn’t an awful idea, given we have so much that has to happen before we get to settlement.

Home inspection. Well inspection. Window replacement. Financial stuff. Tons of stuff I’m sure I don’t even know about yet.

I’ve gotten quite an education in just the last three months, friends, and my schooling has just begun.

But before I get all Negative Nancy, I do want to take a moment to be excited. I’m emotional at the thought of leaving our condo so soon after Spence and I have moved in together, but he’s been here three years — and is ready for the joys (and grass-cutting-pain!) of homeownership. And after just moving from my parents’ house in October, the idea of moving all my worldly possessions again — but worse this time, ’cause we’ll have my husband’s, too — makes me feel exhausted.

I can’t deny the allure of our own home, though. A real house. A house bigger and nicer than anything I would have ever thought we could find without bankrupting ourselves, and something we will grow into and personalize and craft in the years to come.

It needs appliances, tons of paint, new carpet. Some TLC after sitting empty for so long.

But no more jerks blasting loud music at all hours of the night! No more randos stealing your parking space! No more shared living space. Listening to our neighbors pacing at all hours of the night.

There are absolutely things I will miss about our condo — and I’m sure I’ll wax philosophical on them in the weeks to come. It’s only natural.

But this place will really be ours. I’m kind of shell-shocked . . . but am learning to give myself up to life’s currents. They’ll take us where we need to go.

I’ve found that to be true. And I do believe that to be true.

So, we’ll see.

Now, who’s got coffee?


Backyard view

45 thoughts on “Home sweet (future) home

  1. Ah, this is so exciting Meg! I’m thrilled for the both of you. We are about to start the house hunt and I have no idea what I’m doing, so this should be interesting. Guess I will learn a lot too! It must be a beautiful thing to see a life for yourself in a new home. Best of luck! xo


  2. It will probably feel surreal even once you’ve moved there. But so exciting…congratulations! Yes, lots of work, but it will be your own. There is so much satisfaction in that. And here I sit, having fantasies of the kids going to college and moving into a condo! LOL


  3. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy this exciting time. While moving is a huge pain, setting up your new place will be so much fun! Plus, a backyard with some land? Perfect!


  4. Congratulations! My partner and I rent and when we found the house we wanted, I can’t describe how -badly- I wanted to live in it right then that second. But we were successful and we lugged all of our stuff in, spent the entire day sorting and organising, dismantling that which shouldn’t be dismantled to get it up the stairs, putting together flat pack…by the time we sat down for tea all we actually wanted to do was get into our new bed and sleep sleep sleep. I hope you and your husband wake up happy every morning, as we do, knowing you’re where you want to be. ^_^ Lots of good vibes for the coming months of organising!


  5. How wonderful for you! The difference between a β€œhouse” and a β€œhome” may lie in its hospitality.
    We’ve all experienced the pleasure of visiting one: The pantry is always stocked for a party, the rooms of the home fairly twinkle and the aromas from the kitchen cast a spell upon all who enter. Photographs of family and friends are displayed prominently, allowing everyone to experience the fun all over again.
    Fortunately, a hospitable home need not be fancy to be fun. It simply encourages friends to drop in unexpectedly, to celebrate a day of sunshine or to sit around a coffee table.
    The essentials of hospitality include flexibility and informality. They may not sound very glamorous, but they are the behind-the-scenes secrets to turning any house into a home.
    I’d like to send you my book, “Sweet Beams: Inspiring everyone who lives under a new roof!”


  6. Congrats Meg! Such wonderful news! (talk about putting on some big kid pants!!) How exciting to plan for a move, and to get to tackle all the joys of home ownership. I totally understand the nostalgia of moving out of a place you’ve built some great memories in though. Make sure you either get to keep one of your keys for a Christmas ornament or that you make an imprint of it- to always remember your first place together!


  7. Fantastic news!!! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to follow along as you move, get settled, and start doing home projects!


  8. Congratulations!! How exciting! We’ve been in our house for a little over two years and it’s just now sinking in that it’s really ours. I can’t tell you how young and incompetent I felt sitting in the attorney’s office signing all the paperwork. I still don’t feel old enough to be a homeowner!


  9. I am very happy for you. My daughter and son-in-law bought their first home last Sept. It is a very exciting time. I remember our first home many years ago and the excitement my husband and I felt at the time. Have a wonderful time decorating.


  10. Ok, so I totally missed this!!! I’m so excited for you and Spencer!! Congrats and wishing you the best…and can’t wait for more pictures.


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