Stitch Fix in February: Polka dots and studs and solids, oh my!

Stitch Fix

This box showing up in your entryway is like Christmas morning circa 1992, I tell ya.

Like a Puppy Surprise with five puppies.

Like a whole bucket of vintage Polly Pockets for the taking.

Yes, friends, it’s time for another Stitch Fix*! Back in January, I decided to try the service as a treat to myself for hitting my goal weight this year. Now 35 pounds slimmer than I was this time last year, I’m still getting used to dressing my new shape . . . and am not entirely comfortable with my thinner frame, honestly. But my selection of clothes after losing four sizes has been pretty lackluster, and sometimes you just have to #treatyoself.

Sorry for using a hashtag in a post. I just . . . it happens sometimes.

Stitch Fix-3

How does it work? Create an account with Stitch Fix detailing your likes and dislikes, specific measurements, style preferences and much more. For a $20 styling fee, five articles of clothing chosen specifically for you by a stylist arrive at your door — and you keep only what you like. The $20 fee is applied to any items you choose to add to your closet; everything else goes in a prepaid envelope straight back to Stitch Fix. If you like everything, you will get a 25 percent off discount on your entire Fix.

Easy peasy.

My first impressions this time? Honestly, I wasn’t super excited about the muted color palette. I guess I’m just dreaming of spring and was hoping for some brighter-hued pieces. But I know better than to get too judgmental too quickly; the trick is to give everything a chance and try it on, regardless of whether you believe it’s very “you.”

“You” can change.

So away we go . . .


41Hawthorn | Tess Abstract Butterfly Print Scarf | $32

Cute print, but I wasn’t crazy about the sherbet-like colors. I mean, I know I probably wear too much black, but I just couldn’t see myself reaching for this one — and my scarf collection has already reached a critical level.

Stitch Fix-2

TCEC | Stevenson Polka Dot Crew Neck Sweater | $48

Okay, okay . . . so from the time I was in kindergarten-ish, I’ve harbored a deep hatred for anything tight around my neck. Scarves are okay because they’re light, airy and easy to untie and remove. But turtle necks and crew neck-style shirts? They make me feel constricted. Tight. Uncomfortable. All this to say that I loved the polka dots, wasn’t crazy about the feel. You know, around my neck.

Also, I’m weird.

Stitch Fix-4

Just Black | Adora Skinny Jean | $88

Ah, the perils of being a short woman. I have such a hard time finding pants — and though these fit well through my seat and hips, they were too long. Most pants are too long. It’s pretty much an eternal struggle and this slimming pair put up a good fight, but I couldn’t justify keeping them for the price. I do love the offbeat, olive-toned color, though! Very unique, and a good alternative to khaki.

Stitch Fix-5

41Hawthorn | Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse | $58

Comfortable, stylish and well-made, this top and I clicked right away. I love the stud details — a little edgy for this bookworm! — and thought it looked super cute with the included skinny jeans, though it will work with black slacks, too!

Stitch Fix-6

41Hawthorn | Capitola Fit & Flare Tank Dress | $78

The color! The fabric! The flare! I really loved the style of this dress and wanted it to work, especially because I fell in love with a blue dress in my first Fix, but alas — the fit wasn’t quite right. Though it’s not obvious here, the top of the dress around the shoulders was loose with too-large arm holes. Sadly, I would have to wear a camisole underneath to prevent, like, half my bra from showing. That could have made for some interesting stares . . .

So what did I keep? Well . . .

Stitch Fix-7

The black stud top! YAY!

I like it with jeans and flats as well as black pants for work, and I’m going to throw on a pair of chevron earrings to make it fancier for the office.

Though I’ve only kept two items so far, Stitch Fix is so much fun — a delightful surprise in every box. The best part about the service is that the more honest feedback you provide, the better your future selections will be. Stylists even check out your Pinterest style board, if you provide it. I plan to tweak my profile to forgo pants moving forward, concentrating instead on tops and dresses. It’s hard enough for me to find slacks that work, let alone a kindhearted stranger across the country!

I’ve already scheduled my March Fix and look forward to seeing what arrives just in time for spring! I am so ready. Bring on the sandals and cherry blossoms!

*Stitch Fix affiliate links. Though I paid for this Fix myself, I will receive a referral credit if you sign up through my links (thank you!). Stitch Fix did not sponsor or request this post; I just dig it and am spreading the love!

28 thoughts on “Stitch Fix in February: Polka dots and studs and solids, oh my!

  1. I so understand the short pants thing. The other day, I told my husband I needed new trousers for work and when I said it would be $90 for 2 pair, he tweaked. I had to convince him it’s because they actually come in SHORT length and fit me correctly, so no I can’t just buy from the sales rack. It has to be these pants – none other for this Hobbit.


    • Oh yes! Rebuilding my entire pants wardrobe has been the most expensive/frustrating part of losing weight. I had several pairs I loved that fit me perfectly back then, and now I’m struggling to replace them! I did have some success at Kohl’s yesterday, so hopefully these slacks will work for a while.


  2. I really want to like stritchfix. And I do at least in concept. But then I see friends and bloggers get stuff and while it all looks cute, the cheapskate inside me completely balks. $32 for a scarf?? Almost $100 for pants?? I could see me every single month being like “well, i really like this, but there’s no way I’m paying that. Perhaps that explains why the vast majority of my wardrobe is from Target/Old Navy/Marshall’s.


    • Completely get that, Lauren! I wouldn’t want to pay $32 for a scarf, either, honestly. But I will say the quality of the pieces I’ve received in Stitch Fix has been much higher than anything I’ve purchased at Target, JCPenney, Kohl’s, etc. So far I’ve kept one piece from each box that, while more expensive than what I would normally want to spend in a department store, is something unique and very well-made — and I’m just looking at it as an investment!


    • It’s definitely fun — and has brightened up my mailbox! Given how obsessed I am with mail, I guess it’s also no surprise that I love the simple act of seeing the box show up.


  3. Even though that particular one didn’t work out, you should look for more fit and flare style dresses, they look really good on you! And I feel you on the short legs thing…pants shopping is my nightmare (hence why I’m almost always in a dress).


  4. Love the studded top Meg! (though I like the polka dot one as well…I’m not skerrrrrd of a turtleneck) 😉 I am so so tempted to do something like this, especially as it seems that everyone has luck with at least one item. Now that I’m at home my wardrobe is pretty uninspired. Truthfully it was uninspired even when I was wearing work attire everyday… But the prices are more than I usually spend (hello Target tshirt I’m currently wearing). HMMMMMM. You look GREAT by the way!!


    • It’s gotten my creative juices flowing, Trish — and I’m learning to think differently about clothing. Even though I’ve only kept two pieces, I’m learning a lot from the included style cards and am trying to get adventurous with mixing different “don’t normally go together” colors. I was brought up on matchy-matchy styles, so it’s tough! Thanks for the kind words!


    • It’s a winner, right? I’ve already gotten several compliments today! Especially because it’s outside my normal comfort zone for work attire.


  5. Ooh, how exciting! I really like all of the pieces, except the scarf. It’s a shame that dress had ginormous arm holes – it’s really cute on you.

    Also, us tall girls have a horrible time finding pants that aren’t too short! The “regular” length is usually too short on me, and the “tall” ones drag on the ground. Sigh.


  6. I am SO sad that dress wasn’t the right fit because it is freaking adorable. I love that color on you & I love the flare of the skirt. I think you made a great decision with the black top though. It’s so subtly fun! I signed up for a SF in March… I can’t wait to see what happens! I love all these mail surprise type things.


  7. I have the Moni stud top in black too, and I love it. It came in my first Fix, and I’ve gotten so much wear out of it!


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