New in my blog reader: foodie edition

I was so hesitant to embrace blog feeds.

I don’t know why, exactly. In the scope of things I’m afraid of, an aggregate way to read my favorite blogs is, um . . . well, it’s really dumb.

But the kerfuffle surrounding the demise of Google Reader last year got me thinking about how nice it would be to see posts from all my favorite virtual peeps in a single place. I signed up for Bloglovin’ last summer — or fall? — and have never looked back.

See? I’ve embraced it so merrily that I can’t remember life without it.

CookiesWhile it’s absolutely true that I adore the book blogging community and love talking about reading, I also love exploring other nooks of the Internet. Getting invested in healthy eating and newlywed dinner responsibilities (seriously, we’re expected to feed ourselves every night?) means I’ve been refreshing my feed regularly with food blogs. For inspiration, temptation, a chance to salivate at my desk . . . eh, all of the above.

Like all the lovely sites I visit regularly, I gravitate to blogs featuring folks with bright personalities sharing their experiments in the kitchen alongside personal anecdotes. And lucky for us, they’re available — in spades.

But each unique in their own way, you know.

Pop over and give them a look . . . but don’t blame me if your grocery bill dramatically increases. Or you have a sudden hankering for bittersweet chocolate.

I’m not liable.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Blogging Over Thyme

Blogging Over Thyme: With creative twists on classics as well as desserts, appetizers and just about anything you can think of, Laura is quite talented — and also from D.C.! I have to resist the urge to pin everything she posts, but can’t ignore the allure of these dark chocolate chunk raspberry muffins.

Tastes Lovely

Tastes Lovely: Two minutes on Natalie’s site gave me a week’s worth of dinner ideas, especially for awesome-sounding pork chops with vanilla apples (!), and I have a feeling I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg!

Eats Well with Others

Eats Well With Others: You’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter lady than newly-engaged Joanne (congrats!), and her recipes are always creative and delicious and visually interesting. I’m partial to the desserts (maple-gingerbread layer cake, anyone?), but would “settle” for anything from her kitchen.

Needs Salt

Needs Salt: At 16, Abbie is way cooler than I could have ever hoped to be at her age — and her blog combines lovely photography with truly unique creations. I can’t get these chewy whole wheat ginger cookies out of my mind.

18 thoughts on “New in my blog reader: foodie edition

  1. I love it. It’s been far too long since I shared a site I love. I’ve been meaning to do this soon. Keep’em coming. Especially if you know any super healthy veggie loving foodies.


  2. So, I just clicked on your recipe recommendations and I was mind-blown. Literally. Imagine what it will happen when I actually start reading them! I don’t follow food blogs for the same reasons as you, because I don’t like to crave about the things I see, just because I can’t cook them right then right there (which is what happens, most of the time). Awesome sites. I’ll take a look and get inspired for when I have time to cook! Thanks


  3. I will definitely have to check those out! One of my go-to websites is Pioneer Woman ( She also has posts about homeschooling, home & gardening, and entertainment. She does have cookbooks out now and a show on Food Network, but her website is still so accessible and amazing! My favorites are the spicy shrimp skewers (my hubby asks for this at least once a month), cinnamon rolls (amazing!), and the cajun chicken pasta (a dinner party hit).


  4. Your blog is SO incredibly awesome and focused! It looks like I got a TON to learn about how to grow my brand and blog. It is also a pleasure to meet someone within their 20s doing epic blogging like yourself! I’m 29 and I’m knocking on the door of 30 and hope to be as cool as you! πŸ™‚


  5. Thanks for the recommendations, it’s always good to check out new blogs. Though new food blogs could be dangerous…

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!


  6. MUCH NEEDED! I’ve been thinking about how I needed some new food blogs to follow but didn’t want to search through to find new favorites, because so many can just be duds. Thank you!


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