Lazy weekends


Newlywed appreciation I’ve only recently acquired . . .

• Getting up early just to sip pumpkin coffee over “The Pioneer Woman”

• A sink finally empty of last night’s dinner dishes

• Clean laundry on the bed, just in need of folding

• My dresses finally hung on their little hangers

• Spence and I getting all the junk mail put away

• An hour cuddled up with my Kindle

• Creatively using up all the soon-to-spoil food in one epic dinner

• Just enough weekend plans to keep us busy, but plenty of time for hanging in pajamas . . .

• And hanging in pajamas until noon.

18 thoughts on “Lazy weekends

  1. I fear my days of staying in my PJs until noon will not happen until my kids leave for college. It sounds so nice!


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