Thank-yous and thankfulness

Organizer and sign

We hung our new mail organizer!

I’m really excited about it. Like, too much. More than any human should be.

Aside from my general obsession with the post, hanging this wedding gift — as well as a sign we purchased on our honeymoon — was our first home improvement as a married couple.

There was the red wall we painted in the living room, and the various photos from Yosemite that adorn the hall. We bought and refinished a set of Ethan Allen nightstands that now house all our nighttime reading material and phone chargers — everything that makes up a life, of course — and the coffee table we grabbed on clearance when a local furniture store closed.

But this? This sign in our entryway? It somehow feels big — much bigger than those things. Perhaps because it’s the first decor choice we’ve made as husband and wife? Maybe because you see these decorations the second your little feet enter our home?

Regardless, this makes my heart so happy. I love it. I’m enamored with it.

Also, I wrote about 60 of our 80-ish wedding thank-you notes between Friday night and Sunday morning. That’s what you see piled up in said organizer, waiting patiently to be taken to the post office by yours truly.

My fingers feel permanently cramped. But on a related note, we are truly thankful — for the overwhelming generosity of our family and friends; for the kindnesses of strangers; for the love and support y’all have shown me in the past few weeks. Sixteen days into our marriage, we feel fortunate beyond measure.

If I could send everyone a thank-you note, I totally would.

(How many Forever Stamps would that take?)


10 thoughts on “Thank-yous and thankfulness

  1. I cannot believe you wrote SIXTY thank you notes. You are a crazy person. I’ve probably written 50, and the only ones left are to my BFFs and I wanted to make them special… but dang, girl!


  2. I’m all over anything that helps organize, and I love that sign! And Sarah is right, that is an insane amount of thank yous to write! No wonder your hand is a claw.


  3. Love the sign, but love the pile of thank you notes even more! A few months ago the daughter of an old friend got married. When she was young she used to come and stay for a month or so to improve her English, and my daughter who was the same age would go and stay with her family in France to improve her French. The two got on really really well. Time passed and they drifted appart – it happens. When her mum told me that Pauline was getting married I went out and bought them a really nice gift – a wonderful soft woolen tartan rug (afghan is what I think you call it in the USA) I gift-wrapped it and sent it off. I know it arrived. So far not a word of thanks. Hmmm. Your manners do you credit.


  4. What a great sign and message. It’s all the nicer with all those lovely handwritten thank-you notes! Congrats on your recent marriage! Enjoy everything that comes with it!


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