Almost a Mrs.


Exactly one week before I met Spencer for the first time, I was driving home from another lukewarm date with The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” pouring through my speakers. It was raining in Annapolis; I had a long drive home. The man I’d met for coffee had been nice and polite, but there was no spark. No chemistry. When we shook hands goodbye, I knew I wouldn’t see him again.

And yet, I felt . . . so hopeful.

I remember everything about that Sunday: meeting with girlfriends earlier in the day; walking through the city; the squish of my toes in my too-small boots. It was a chilly March afternoon and I’d already received my first email from Spencer, though I’d set this Annapolis date up before we’d firmed up ours. I don’t remember when I emailed him back, exactly, but I know it wasn’t long after I got home. I just felt in my bones that good things were afoot.

That hope was not misplaced.

After years of getting-to-know-yous and falling-in-love-with-yous and wondering and excitement and a little indecision and lots of laughter, it’s official — officially time.

I’m getting married. To my best friend, my confidante — a man so thoughtful and sweet and mine that I can hardly stand it. Sunday is our wedding.

It’s been a long journey — one that started long before Spencer and I even met. But I can’t look back on the last decade of love lost and found without a sense of purpose, gratitude and joy . . . because as pedestrian as it sounds, every detour eventually brought me to Spencer. And I feel grateful every day to have him by my side.

I’m taking a blogging break for our big day and following honeymoon in West Virginia, but I plan to make my triumphant return as a married lady on November 18. I’m sure I’ll have lots of moments and photos to share! I can’t wait.

Thank you for coming along with me on this wild ride . . . and, well, every ride we’ve taken together in the last five years. It’s been so fun sharing wedding updates with y’all, and I’m sure I’ll have many stories from the other side!

Signing off for now . . . but so excited about all that’s to come.

See you soon!


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  1. It’s going to be perfect. You are going to be beautiful. Much love and blessings for the both of you, and I cannot WAIT to hear about it when you come back!


  2. This was such a lovely and loving post. Don’t know you, but I’m very happy for you! The week leading up to my wedding was the most exciting time, shared with family and friends that were all bubbling with happiness. Hope you are experiencing the same. You seem calm-hope it sticks! Congratulations and enjoy this wonderful moment.


  3. Congratulations!! I hope you have such a wonderful wedding day, and start to your life with Spencer! Enjoy these moments and we will all look forward to hearing about it when you return!!


  4. Oh my God! You made me get so emotional. Such a beautiful post! I am sure you’ll make a beautiful bride too, with a beautiful life carved ahead for her. Congratulations and may your life be always full of love and laughter.


  5. Have a wonderful time at your wedding. Most brides forget to do that. It’s your’ sans Spener’s celebration. Beautiful post. Your mom and dad sure raised a beautiful woman.


  6. I can’t wait for your return and pics. Enjoy darling. I hope and know it will all be marvelous. Just make sure you breath lots and enjoy as much as possible. It will all be done in a flash. See you soon! God bless.


  7. I’m a new reader to your blog, and this makes me want to go back and read all your wedding updates! What a sweet story. Congratulations on your wedding, and I hope your day is wonderful! Enjoy the wedding and honeymoon!


  8. I am so so so so beyond thrilled for you guys. Thank you for sharing pieces of your planning and thought process with us. It’s brought me back to my own wedding days, and also just reminds me of how lucky we all are to be in these relationships with special people. ENJOY IT ALL. I’m sure everyone has been telling you how fast time goes but it’s seriously TRUE. Sometimes I’m not sure if it even happened. 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxo


  9. Early congrats!! So excited for you and the start of a new chapter in your life!! Can’t wait to see some pics!! See you on the 18th my daughters birthday!!


  10. Best wishes to the bride who will be beautiful in her red shoes. Congratulations to the groom who is getting a wonderful companion. A sweet life and many years to you both.


  11. I’ve been thinking about you all week and reading this post gave me chills. I am beyond thrilled for you and Spencer and I hope that the happy day is blissfully beautiful. xo


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