My fantasy Halloween basket

Candy pumpkins

Now that we’re living in an apartment complex (which sometimes feels like hotel living), this is actually my first Halloween without trick-or-treaters.

Which means I totally could not buy candy and pass it off as “for the kids,” then down pack after pack of Twizzlers with my feet up watching “Hocus Pocus.”

Not that I’ve done that.

It’s kind of strange, being in a kid-free zone. As I have no children, don’t live in a neighborhood and have no nearby cousins or nephews or nieces to coddle and prod and take pictures of, this year’s celebration feels oddly . . . dull. Plus, you know, it’s a Thursday; not too much good times chaos happening over here.

All the same, it’s a holiday I have so many fond memories of as a kid — especially when I think about all the carefully-crafted costumes my mom made over the years. It’s still a day I look forward to (and we’re having a Halloween party at work!).

But let’s get serious: it’s really all about the candy.

Everyone has their favorites, and I am certainly no exception . . . though my recent weight loss and commitment to healthy eating have meant detouring far, far away from the coveted candy aisles at Target.

But if I could create my perfect Halloween candy basket now, right this minute, I’d have that baby assembled quicker than you could say “sugar rush.”

Come, come . . . gaze into my witch’s cauldron . . .

Halloween candy

Meg’s Fantasy Halloween Basket
(Because She’s Too Old and
Also on Weight Watchers)

• Twizzlers. They kind of taste like plastic — if plastic tasted awesome.

• Candy corn. It’s not Halloween without some of that waxy goodness — especially in the form of miniature pumpkins! Would you believe I couldn’t find a pumpkins-only mixture this year? Blasphemy.

• Twix. I had a friend in high school who ate a Twix bar every single day for lunch (oh, teenagers), and I can’t think of that delicious candy without remembering her. (Hi, Mallory! Also, you have fantastic taste in candy.)

• Jolly Ranchers. I used to fight for the apple and cherry varieties, but really any will do.

• Tootsie Pops. You can’t have just one — and don’t bite it.

• Marshmallows. Do people give out marshmallows? I don’t know. But this is my candy fever dream, and we’re going with it.

• Snickers. And really anything with peanuts.

What you won’t find in this magical pot of awesome?

Good and Plenty. Because really. One of my earliest memories of childhood is of gagging on one and spitting it out a car window (always a lady), and my opinion hasn’t changed much over the years.

Pretzels. So boring.

Toothbrushes. Just mean.

And . . . that’s about it. Because I love most candy, and I’m pretty equal-opportunity about sweets.

And now I’m starving.

Happy Halloween!

9 thoughts on “My fantasy Halloween basket

  1. Oh I remember the old lady that always gave us an apple! Bah! I would add Butterfinger and Three Musketeers to that list. My kids seem to have outgrown the Halloween thing, or at least the trick or treating, and we don’t live in a neighborhood, so I don’t even go near the candy aisle. But, you will laugh at this…my daughter has a pasta dinner Friday night for her cross country team and I signed up to bring brownies…with candy corn on top! Haha! I couldn’t resist just getting ONE BAG.


  2. There are no kids where you live? We can’t ever predict how many kids will come so I bought 3 big bags and won’t open them until tonight. The last kid who comes gets whatever’s left in the basket because I don’t want leftovers!


  3. I was such a candy corn freak, and like someone who commented above, also know someone who had Twix for morning snack (yikes!).

    I think Hocus Pocus and trick-or-treaters is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween… it may or may not be exactly what I’m doing tonight. 😉


  4. Now you’ve done it! I’m going downstairs and grab some of the candy I put in the Halloween basket for potential trick or treaters. I don’t expect many because it’s pouring rain and is not supposed to let up until tomorrow. No Good and Plenty in there just lots of chocolate. And soon it will be mine!


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